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2025 Signal Caller Colin Hurley Shows Advanced Mental and Physical Skills

A closer look at 2025 quarterback talent Colin Hurley, likely the best young signal caller in the country.

JACKSONVILLE - There’s really not much to say about a 14-year old quarterback other than he needs to learn more of the playbook, get bigger, stronger, and faster. That is of course unless the conversation centers towards Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian quarterback Colin Hurley.

Sure, despite already being 6'0", 200 pounds, the freshman needs to add physical strength, but that will come. His mental attributes, which start with how he is expected to act based on his parents, take care of the mental side of Hurley's development.

He’s an incredibly humble young man coming from parents that represent police and military backgrounds, and he does so with a smile. Ask any reporter about Hurley, and that reporter will tell you about him always saying sir and ma’am. He’s that kind of kid. When he straps on the helmet, however, it’s different.

Much different.

In scouting over 20 years, never once did these eyes watch and see a 14-year old do what Hurley did numerous times through seeing him play live twice. The First game came against Lake City (Fla.) Columbia and the second game against Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage. Both teams possess serious talent on defense, and Hurley met each challenge with physical and mental awareness. Here’s a breakdown of the 2025 quarterback prospect

Reading and Manipulating Coverages

After helping to defeat American Heritage 27-14, Hurley took a moment to discuss an important topic, what he saw with the defensive coverages. Here’s what Hurley said.

What coverages did they run tonight, or did they constantly mix it up? “They constantly mixed it up,” Hurley stated definitively. “Backside man, frontside zone, safeties rolled down. They were all over the place.

“They have Patrick Surtain as the Head Coach (of American Heritage) so I’m not surprised with it.”

Did you have someone you were ready to attack, or were you just ready to run the play?

“Just read the play and make my decision.”

Based on what Hurley saw against American Heritage, that’s consistent change which usually confuses quarterbacks at all levels, let alone a player in his first year of high school.

Seriously, how many freshman quarterbacks can consistently read that coverage, then use good technique and deliver the football like he did?

The best throw of the night came about when Hurley released the football before the wide receiver made his break towards the football. When the intended target looked up just after making his cut, the football was all but on top of him. The result would be a touchdown that helped to seal the victory. As an example of his timing and rhythm due in large part to how well he understands what a defense is doing, here are two passes that explain Hurley’s talent.

Here’s a fade ball that went for a touchdown:

Consistent Mechanics

No matter the natural arm strength, most signal callers change their motion, and noticeably so, when attempting to throw a deep pass and/or throwing a deep out pattern. 

Hurley consistently utilizes a motion that remains almost exactly the same regardless of distance or velocity. That’s a great start to any conversation involving quarterback mechanics.

His throwing motion being the same over and over allows for more accuracy. Even when a receiver does appear to be fairly well covered, Hurley will be able to throw into passing windows that need that consistent throwing motion to allow them to reach their intended mark.

Pocket Awareness

While not a true dual-threat signal caller, Hurley does move well in the pocket. He’s adept at trying to keep his eyes down the field while avoiding the rush. He will continue to improve in this area, and it’s something that all quarterbacks work on throughout their careers.

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Once he gains even more experience with how and why the rush will come from specific areas, his pocket awareness will continue to elevate.

Areas to Improve

Beyond just learning the game as he goes along, Hurley simply needs to grow into his body and continue to improve in physical areas like any teenager would. Flexibility, explosiveness, strength and durability come to mind.

Hurley’s full highlights from the American Heritage game:

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