Prospect Review: Jacksonville Trinity Christian at Lake City Columbia

Discussing the talents of the numerous prospects from last night’s Jacksonville Trinity Christian at Lake City Columbia football game.
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LAKE CITY, Fla. - Several players performed as expected last night, and a few new names emerged. Players from Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian and Lake City (Fla.) Columbia played hard and represented themselves well.

Here’s an overview from last night’s top performers, with specific comments regarding last night’s game only.

For more detailed information, here’s The Daily Knight podcast and also a YouTube podcast:

Trinity Christian Prospects

QB Colin Hurley - 2025

Colin Hurley, Quarterback, Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian

Colin Hurley, QB, Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian - 2025

Might as well discuss the player that’s created buzz around the college football community. He’s only a freshman, but he understands when and where to throw the football. He’s a future Power Five signal caller despite just starting high school.

Natural motion, quick release, fluid throwing motion, and a young man that did not seem to be overwhelmed with being the Trinity Christian quarterback. Quite the opposite, Hurley played like a veteran.

His ability to throw passess in between a linebacker and before the safety impressed the most. He’s far advanced from any other 15 year old one will see.

Hurley just needs to stay the course and learn the game of football as time passes. He’s on the right path to be a special player. Nice young man, too.

RB Treyaun Webb - 2023

Treyaun Webb, Running Back, Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian

Treyaun Webb, Running Back, Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian - 2023

The Oklahoma commitment runs with a desire that many other so-called national running back recruits simply do not. To define Webb with one word, it would be determined.

Columbia’s defense provided plenty of speed and tenacity to chase the ball carrier. Regardless, Webb kept churning his legs after contact and made short runs turn into good runs due to effort.

When he did receive a little room to run the football, Webb punished defenders multiple times, including a “decleater” when he ran from the wildcat formation. He ran over the defender and kept on running like it was meant to be. Overall, this young man deserves respect from a ranking perspective.

He’s a natural running back that absolutely deserves to be ranked in the national top 100 because he’s an every-down running back that will do what’s needed for his team. He can catch the ball, block, and of course Webb knows how to run the football.

WR Fred Highsmith - 2022

Did not know much about Highsmith prior to the game, and he helped solidify his name as one that deserves to be recruited. He caught a touchdown where he was sandwiched between two defenders in the endzone. He also made the play willingly as he was full-go the entire way. Highsmith knew he would be smashed, as the coverage was solid from both sides of Highsmith. Good throw by Hurley, better catch by Highsmith.

He also caught a one-handed touchdown during a fade pass in the very corner of the end zone. He was consistent all night long. No question that Highsmith is a college player. College scouts need to evaluate further.

RB Darnell Rogers - 2024

This is a player that not many know about, but he’s a willing runner between the tackles and has some wiggle as well. He’s sharing carries with Webb, but he still impressed with his ability to run through arm tackles and he played with good pad level.

Need to see more of Rogers, but he’s definitely now on the radar. He’s only a sophomore, so there’s plenty of time to evaluate his skills.

CB Cam Miller - 2022

Cam Miller, Cornerback, Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian

Cam Miller, Cornerback, Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian - 2022

He’s a Penn State commitment for a reason. This young man is a natural football player. Further, after last night, he deserves to be called a natural athlete. Miller can really move his feet and make plays in space.

As a kick returner, that might be Miller’s easiest assignment. He knew when to juke a defender or when to hit the hole and go. He also knew when it was time to step out of bounds to avoid a big hit after being pinned into the sideline.

As a corner, he did not need to cover for long due to Trinity Christian’s front seven being really good at pass rushing. Miller did display a natural backpedal and the ability to turn and run like a cornerback should. He also carried himself like a defensive player.

Miller enjoyed the competition with Columbia’s talented wide receivers just based on watching his body language. That’s also very important for a cornerback because no matter how talented, a cornerback will lose battles. Miller played tight coverage on a wide receiver when needed, played off coverage well, and kept everything in front of him regardless of the situation. He’s a savvy defender.

Note: Several other Trinity Christian players will be Division I players, such as linebacker Keaton Thomas, despite not being detailed here.

Lake City Columbia

WR Tray Tolliver - 2023

Blink and he’s gone. Tolliver made numerous defenders miss last night, several from point-blank-range. One would be challenged to find a player that’s better suited for kickoffs and punt returns. It’s quite difficult to put into words just how quick this young man is when he places his foot in the ground and wants to make a jump cut or juke a defender.

It’s fun to watch; that’s a fact.

As a slot receiver, Tolliver’s ability to immediately close the distance between himself and the defensive back impressed as well. He used his momentum to then create sharp cuts that led to missed tackles by defensive players. He can play defense as well.

He intercepted a pass at the goal line and raced 100 yards for a pick-six, changing the game right before halftime. While Tolliver will likely play slot wide receiver in college, cornerback could be his future position as well. 

Although he’s under-recruited now, he’s a Power Five talent. College coaches need to place Tolliver on their watch lists and review his film closely. Playmaker!

CB/S Amare Ferrell - 2023

Amare Ferrell, Cornerback/Safety, Lake City (Fla.) Columbia

It’s rare to find a 6’1” cornerback that’s also pushing 200 pounds. That’s Ferrell. He anticipated well, showed the ability to be physical with receivers, and he’s fine with playing zone or man defense. One particular trait stood out above all others, however.

After being beaten for a touchdown by Highsmith, Ferrell stayed locked in. Many cornerbacks fold when giving up a big play. It happens, but some young men do not adjust. Ferrell did that and then some.

His ability to stay locked in and play his key during each play needed to be commended, and that also continued into the second half. Trinity Christian did not pass the ball as well it would against most teams in large part due to Ferrell.

Despite being down double digits, Ferrell kept grinding. He almost came up with a second interception. His length helped him during that play, as did his athleticism. What truly needs to be mentioned would be the anticipation Ferrell displayed during that play. He’s a natural defensive back. That’s for sure. There’s more detailed information about Ferrell within the podcast located towards the beginning of the article, and the information relates to future college position flexibility.

WR Marcus Peterson - 2022

Peterson did not have time to run many traditional routes, but he did compete for the entire game. The pass mostly rush kept him from catching any downfield passes, although he did a nice job during a few short passes.

The one time Peterson ran the football from the wildcat formation he gained a first down. He’s a willing runner and one that likes contact. Last night was not a good one to evaluate Peterson, but he’s long since been known as a national recruit anyway. His upside is tremendous.

LB Jaden Robinson - 2023

Jaden Robinson, Linebacker, Lake City (Fla.) Columbia

Jaden Robinson, Linebacker, Lake City (Fla.) Columbia

A good nickname for Robinson would be “thumper.” When he lines up a ball carrier, one will see the hit, as well as hear the hit. He brings power behind his shoulder pads. Robinson also provides a unique skill to linebacker play.

His speed makes him a three-down linebacker. Against the run or the pass, Robinson will do his job. His speed needs to be mentioned next, as he covers ground better than most players his size. He’s also capable of handling slot receivers in short-space areas.

There’s a reason he’s approaching national recruit status, and after last night there’s no question that Robinson will likely end up with 30 or more scholarship offers. He just needs to continue to work his craft and stay focused on details and technique to get there.

OLB/DE Adeon Farmer - 2022

Adeon Farmer, OLB/Defensive End, Lake City (Fla.) Columbia

Adeon Farmer, OLB/DE, Lake City (Fla.) Columbia

Respect. That’s the first part to note about Farmer. He plays the game like it should be played: hard on each snap of the football. Quickness and overall agility represented his best skills, and combined with his effort that will translate into Farmer being a college football player.

Need to see how big this young man gets by the end of the 2021 season, but there’s a place for Farmer in college. He’s wearing size 14 shoes so he’s probably going to add more weight. Great young man to be around.

There are several young prospects on the rise at Lake City (Fla.) Columbia as well. The 2024, 2025 and even 2026 classes will see Division I players come out of Columbia.

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