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The Daily Knight: UCF's Injury Issues, Matchups to Watch Against East Carolina

Thoughts about injuries, East Carolina’s playmakers, and how the Knights find a way to win on Saturday.

ORLANDO - There’s been much debate about which UCF players will actually trot onto the field this Saturday versus East Carolina. For good reason, people continue to be concerned about the health of players such as defensive tackle Ricky Barber, linebacker Tatum Bethune and wide receiver Jaylon Robinson just to name three players.

Losing that amount of talent hurts any team, especially one line UCF that’s attempting to establish depth on both sides of the football, but quite frankly did not reach the point in the program’s future where it’s simply plug and play. That brings into question the depth chart that was released by UCF this past Monday.

Placing Ricky Barber back in the lineup would be big for the Knights.

Placing Ricky Barber back in the lineup would be big for the Knights.

After posting it on Wednesday, multiple people made reference to players still being out that were listed on the depth chart. That’s the primary discussion point for today’s podcast of The Daily Knight.

Depth charts can be touchy for several reasons, including gamesmanship by one head in an attempt to throw off the opposing coaching staff for the next game. That’s discussed, as well as a detailed segment defining defensive responsibilities in an attempt to slow down two of East Carolina’s best players, wide receiver Tyler Snead and running back Keaton Mitchell.

The final segment of the show probably should be labeled something like “respect” because that’s what the Knights will be out to earn. There’s no question there are doubters after the prior two losses.

Which UCF players step up and play with pride and find a way to win? It’s almost assured to be a close game between East Carolina and UCF. The few plays where a Knights player goes out his way to get an extra block, find a way to the ball carrier despite being double teamed, and just wanting it more than East Carolina could be the difference with which team comes out victorious.

Mark it down, this Saturday’s game will be a high scoring and close game. It’s going to be something small that changes the game. Which player comes up with that play? Really good football teams continually find a way to win with team football and that’s something UCF needs more of Saturday evening. Here’s today’s edition of The Daily Knight:

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