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The Bruins signal-caller and starting strong safety talked to the media after Monday's practice.

UCLA football quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson talked about what he's doing to prepare to head up to Seattle for the first time in his collegiate career, as well as the tips he's gotten from the two former Washington quarterbacks now with him in Westwood. Safety Stephan Blaylock talked about going against running back Brittain Brown in practice and the new mindset his defense had against Arizona on Saturday. 


Brittain Brown running angry help you?

Yeah, very beneficial when you've got a guy like that, especially with all the defensive end reads that I have to do, it's a 50-50 or it's a grade look, I know he can break through that arm tackle, make the play right for it. Helps us out a lot and he's improving every week, so I'm excited for him to keep doing that.

Washington gets most fans in the Pac-12, different preparations for intense road environment?

I don't think there's really any way you can prepare for that. They may turn the music up loud at practice or whatever, but we're not focused on that or anything like that. It gets pretty quiet when you're tuned in and locked into the game and your assignment, anyways. But it should be a fun atmosphere to play in and getting to see all those guys out there.

Notice the Seattle playlist at practice today?

See, exactly, I didn't even notice that they were doing that. I'm over here so locked in at practice and what we got going on.

Garbers and Yankoff both from Washington, they held them back from immediate eligibility here?

I talked to Garbers about it a little bit and he's kind of giving me some tips and clues and stuff since he was on their scout team going against their 1s defense at his time there. So he's been giving me some tips and clues throughout the practice and throughout the week so far.

60% chance of rain Saturday, prepare differently? Game plan change with rainy forecast?

It's Monday, so I wouldn't say yes or no to that question, but I'm sure we'll have something planned for it. But as far as I know, we're gonna practice and train the way we always do and keep the game plan the same and execute and move on from there.

Locked in as a passer when you get in rhythm running?

Again, yes and no. I think just finding a rhythm comes with starting early and starting fast and being locked into your assignment from the quarterbacks to the receivers to the tight ends. And the same thing with the run scheme, I think just everybody being locked into their blocking assignments is definitely one way to find a rhythm. And so I'd say they both help each other, but I don't think one can concede with the other and really help out the other like that as you may think.

Washington secondary do similar things defensively to Arizona that makes tougher windows?

I wouldn't say they make it tough, I'd say they're very disciplined in what they do. Play very sound defense, and so when you play very sound, it's very hard to take big shots and big X plays. They're gonna make you take whatever they give you and so just making sure you're disciplined throughout the whole game and not getting compliance, so I think that's the best way to attack them going into this week.

Importance of running game against great pass D? Easier for you when running game is working?

Yes sir, most definitely. We need a run game every week, and of course the run sets up the pass with all the play action and stuff that we do. And so yeah, I think the run game is gonna be vital this week as it is every week.


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Facing Brittain Brown in practice?

Practice is the same thing you get in the game – runs hard, finishes through tackles, tries to run through the end zone and is just a great player and a great teammate, always showing the linemen love supporting him and just overall a great player, so what you see on the field is what you see in practice.

Dropping further back in coverage, keeping the ball in front of you part of game plan?

Yeah, coach wanted to change it up and we just play what the coach gives us.

Like how it worked out?

Yes. Only gave up 16 points, forced two turnovers and then left with the dub.

Fourth-down stop, how big was coming in to finish it at the end?

Real big because I want to say the previous third-down play, I could have made that same play and didn’t, so when the opportunity presented itself again, I knew I had to take it.

How important is gan tackling?

It’s huge because in practice it’s always a big emphasis on running to the ball, so running in practice to the ball leads to running to the ball in a game, so as we do that we just continue to make plays.

Any up-downs today?

No. Thankfully, none of us had to do any up-downs, I want to say probably had one loaf but it was a quick day so we just got into the drills today.

So none for anybody?


Happy with secondary overall?

I would say never satisfied and there’s always room for improvement, even after this past game we were on each other just when we play the man coverages to play tighter and even in zone coverages, drop into our right zones and it’s just improving every day, every week, so I mean, as the week goes on we get better and better but I just want to say again, never satisfied.

Susceptible to Arizona going tempo? How do you improve there?

Uh, just having a play ready if they continue to do that. I want to say that’s the first time somebody has run quick tempo like that against us this year. We faced Arizona State and a few other teams that had a good tempo against us but nothing like Arizona, so I’m glad we [inaudible] to prepare for against other teams.

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