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Incoming USC Trojans freshman Bronny James has been at the center of sports attention over the past few days as he shockingly underwent cardiac arrest at the beginning of the week during a team workout. Being a collegiate athlete for a division one school, this was quite surprising because he's likely in the best physical shape of his life.

As the days have passed by, we've received multiple positive reports that the young star felt better with time and was eventually fully stable and able to leave the hospital. His father, Lakers star LeBron James, shared a video of him on Instagram playing the piano and keeping his mind busy and TMZ also got their hands of pictures of the entire family out for dinner following his health scare.

LeBron confirmed on his Twitter that more updates regarding his eldest son would be shared in time but considering how serious cardiac arrest is, it's not out of the question to wonder if this jeopardizes his odds of suiting up for USC this year. Atrium Health's director of Sports Cardiology, Dr.Dermot Phelan, spoke on some potential causes of Bronny's cardiac event in an interview with The Athletic.

“We kind of think about it in three buckets for young athletes,” said Phelan, who has consulted with the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball on heart issues. “One being problems with the structure of the heart that they were born with. Another being a problem with the electrical circuits in the heart that they were born with. And the last bucket being an acquired problem. Something that happened to them. They took a hit to the chest or had myocarditis, inflammation of the heart.”

(Via The Athletic)

Considering that basketball is one of the most fast-paced and physical sports out there, all of these could be plausible. We hope to hear more positive updates over the next few weeks, rest up Bronny!