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Deion Sanders Reveals If He's Interested in USC Head Coaching Vacancy

Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders squashed rumors and speculation, pinning him as the next leader for the Men of Troy.

The search for USC's new head coach in underway, as major speculation continues to swirl. 

One name that has been tossed around is former NFL legend Deion Sanders, who currently serves as the head coach for Jackson State. Former USC running back Reggie Bush publicity encouraged his former university to consider Sanders during last Saturday morning’s edition of Fox Sports’ Big Noon Kickoff. Bush believes that Sanders could be the man to restore greatness at USC. 

“I do believe there is a coach out there that can help restore USC to its greatness," Bush said. 

"I believe Deion Sanders can be that person. He can be that person. When you think about what he’s done at Jackson State right now, Jackson State has the No. 55 recruiting class in the nation. They’re one ahead of Kansas State, which has a significantly much-larger budget than Jackson State does. But what does that tell you? That tells you Deion knows how to recruit. Let’s just use this as an example. Deion Sanders is the head coach at USC. He walks into your house and says, ‘Matt (Leinart), I want you to come play and be the starting quarterback at USC.’ What are you going to say? ... You're gonna say yes."

Sanders heard Bush's message loud and clear, but revealed that he remains 'locked in' with his current position at Jackson State. 

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“I’m thankful that Reggie mentioned me,” Sanders said Monday, according to The Jackson (Miss.) Clarion-Ledger. “I’m thankful that he thought much of our friendship that I could be a candidate or whatever. I’m appreciative of that, but I’m locked in, man. I’m locked in. I’m locked in. I’m right where I want to be. I’m elated I’m coaching my sons. I’m loving this culture. I want to win, wish we would have won (this past Saturday at Louisiana-Monroe), but I’m locked in.”

Sanders is 2-1 overall this season as head coach at Jackson State, and as of now the hall of famer doesn't seem interested on making the move to Los Angeles.


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