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Nick Figueroa Details 'Wants' In Next USC Head Coach

The Trojans are looking for their new hire after firing Clay Helton in September.

It's been roughly two months since USC athletic director Mike Bohn relieved former head coach Clay Helton of his duties at Southern California; and ever since, the school has been conducting a national search. 

With two games left on the Trojans' 2021 schedule, and no clear frontrunner in site, veteran defensive end Nick Figueroa detailed what he would like to see in Troy's next hire, as the season comes to a close.

“I just want somebody that holds everyone to the same standard," Figueroa told reporters, according to 247Sports.

"So just universal accountability. Somebody who values that tradition here and understands how to honor that and whether it be bringing certain things back or just honoring tradition, like some other schools do. And I think lastly, just someone who's a born-bred winner. Someone who wants to compete in every facet of everything they're doing, recruiting, on the field, in their family life, I just want pure competitors. So I think we have those guys around but the more of those guys you can get around the better.”



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USC announced the firing of former head coach Clay Helton in September following a loss to the Stanford Cardinal.

"During the past two off-seasons we provided every resource necessary for our football program to compete for championships," USC athletic director Mike Bohn said in a press release.

"The added resources carried significantly increased expectations for our team's performance, and it is already evident that, despite the enhancements, those expectations would not be met without a change in leadership."


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