USC vs. Utah: Post Game Wrap Up

Kim Becker

The cold weather didn't seem to bother the USC Trojans as they put up quite the fight in Salt Lake City, UT tonight against the Utah Utes. 

The Trojans had the lead throughout the whole game which set them up for their victory tonight. After two straight games of close call wins, USC proved that they are a team who can carry a game with confidence and strength. 

In the first quarter, USC's run defense was aggressive. Drake Jackson had an interception towards the end of the quarter after a momentous Utah drive and held the Utes to a 3-3 score at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was eventful to say the least. A handful of turnovers, five cumulative touchdowns and Utah's starting quarterback, Cam Rising, leaving the game with an injury and being replaced by Jake Bentley, made for a fast-paced second quarter. 

Three of the five touchdowns belonged to the Trojans: Vavae Malepeai with a 2 yard rush, a nice route by Tyler Vaughns resulting in a smooth pass from Kedon Slovis, and an end zone reception by Erik Krommenhoek. USC led Utah at half 24-17.

The Trojans dominated the second half. Parker Lewis kicked two early field goals to make the score 30-17 with a little more than five minutes left in the third. And that's when things got interesting.

ESPN brought a whole new meaning to "no fans allowed in attendance" when all of their cameras went out and we were left with a radio style programming. Luckily the issue was resolved rather quickly and we were back to watching the Trojans take home their third straight win. 

Although the Utes put up a fight and held onto the game as long as they could, they were scoreless in the second half. The aggression and resilience of the Trojan defense held the Utes on a couple of strong drives and even forced a turnover on downs in the red zone. Parker Lewis nails a 47 yard field goal with less than a minute remaining and extends their lead to 33-17. 

The ball went back and forth in the last quarter but USC proved that no matter how late (and how cold) a game can be played, the Trojans cannot be slept on. 

For the first time in 12 years, the Utah Utes were defeated in their home opener. 

USC beats Utah 33-17 and advances to 3-0.

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Parcel Man
Parcel Man

I question whether SC will ever be in the class of Alabama and Clemson and the problem is the administration doesn't want a great football team. It gives too much attention to what these educational elites at SC see as dumb athletes and dumb ex-jocks who are football coaches. They don't think football should be a major part of a university. It's not because they want to save money, because they pay these coaches(especially Helton) big salaries and the AD's are the highest paid AD's in the country. Besides, you almost can't lose money on football if you are one of the blue class football programs. It's almost as if they just want to hire a mediocre coach and pay him a lot of money to keep the program mediocre, which he will because even if he wants to win big, he's just a mediocre coach.