S-I's NFL Mock Draft: It's 3 Weeks to the Real Thing

Broken down are the first three rounds, 106 players, all ready to hear their names called out virtually.
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Sports-wise, nearly everything is at a complete standstill. Everything except, of course, the NFL draft.

Three weeks from today, which is Thursday for those of you who have completely lost all track of time, pro football will go through its April ritual of parceling out the available college football talent to its 32 teams.

The NFL will do this virtually this time to keep everyone -- draftees, pro football personnel and the craziest fans -- safe from pandemic concerns.

Will commissioner Roger Goodell announce the picks from his penthouse apartment? 

Sports Illustrated has charted this course, with Kevin Hanson breaking it down through the first three rounds of the draft. That's 106 players, selected, sealed and delivered. The signing will come later when people can congregate safely once more.

OK, for University of Washington football followers, who took Huskies quarterback Jacob Eason and where? 

Would you watch a 21-minute video of Eason's pro workout, as provided by Seattle Times UW beat writer Mike Vorel?

Do you know who is Austin Jackson -- he played in an unmemorable game in Seattle last season -- and who took him?

How well do you think you know Jerry Jeudy?

Is it just me, or is one school providing six first-round draft picks spot on, overkill or wishful thinking? Are they all really that good?  Or did some of them get a pass because of the reputation of the school they played for.

And, I hadn't heard this before, who is the poor man's Patrick Mahomes?

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner knows them both -- the poor man soon to be a rich man and Mahomes.

So look over Sports Illustrated's latest mock draft and get familiar with who the players are and where they might be going in 21 days. Study it. Memorize it. Know it. 

For now, it's all we've got in the way of something new and fresh from the sports world.