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Quick Hits: Tre Mitchell's Potential, Stevenson's Toughness, Jimmy Bell's Size + More

WVU men's basketball head coach Bob Huggins met with the media Monday afternoon.

Competitiveness of the team

"They want to play. They all came here to play. And I think it's helped the younger guys because they're looking around knowing that they've got to be competitive if they're going to play. I think it's been really good from a competitive standpoint."

If bringing in Erik Stevenson was to replace Sean McNeil

"No. No, not at all. He's got great toughness. If you go back to, we played him when he was at Wichita, he's the guy that made the shots. And he made hard shots to get Wichita back in the game against us. We've all been aware of him for quite a time now. One, he's a tough kid, and two, defensively, he's pretty good. He raises the level of our practice because of his competitiveness."

If the development of young players is gone in today's game

"You bring freshmen in and it does take quite a while. Now you're bringing in guys basically on top of them. I would think that throughout the country you're going to have more transfers than less transfers. But that's what happens when people make rules that don't know anything about what we do or what they're doing. To a degree, that's what happened. They thought everyone would stay. Well, why would you stay if you're never going to play?"

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Jimmy Bell 

"He's impossible to move. He's getting better and better and better. I'm hoping that he ends up being like one of those bigs that I used to have that when we throw it close, they're going to score. He's not there yet, but Jimmy really works. Puts a lot of time in. I'm sure there's some guys somewhere that can move him, but they're not here. He gets position he wants and they don't move him."

Tre Mitchell's potential

"How good can he be? Very good. He's got a very high skill level. Got to get him to rebound it more consistently but that'll come."

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