What Will Miles McBride Do?

West Virginia guard Miles "Deuce" McBride has a big decision to make in the coming days.
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July 7th. That's a date that WVU basketball fans will want to keep bookmarked in their calendars as that is the final day that players can withdraw their name from the 2021 NBA Draft and return to school. However, decisions can also be made at any moment.

WVU guards Miles McBride and Sean McNeil remain undecided about their future but only McBride is gaining heavy interest from the NBA. The feeling that seems to be circling around is that McNeil will return and McBride will remain in the draft if his feedback from the NBA is that he will be a 1st round pick. 

This past week, McBride participated in the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago and put on a show. According to Jonathan Giovany of DraftExpress on ESPN.com, McBride has now moved into the late portion of the 1st round. In Giovany's updated mock draft, he has McBride going 30th overall to the Utah Jazz. Bleacher Report also has McBride pegged as a 1st rounder, going 27th overall to the Brooklyn Nets. 

Meanwhile, other outlets such as CBS Sports and SB Nation have excluded McBride from the 1st round. It doesn't appear that McBride is a clear first-rounder, so we asked around to see what people think he will do. 

Austin Krell - The Painted Lines

"I'm leaning towards him staying in but I wouldn’t be blown away if he withdrew and went back to school."

Jason Jordan - SI All-American

"Before the pre-draft camp, I would’ve said Deuce would be back, but he really seized the moment at the pre-draft camp, especially in individual workouts. I’ve talked to teams who feel he’s certainly moved his way into the first round after this weekend with favorable measurements and production. Often times that’s the goal for projected second round prospects. He couldn’t have scripted it better, and for that reason, I feel like he’ll ultimately stay put in the draft."

Schuyler Callihan - Mountaineer Maven on Sports Illustrated

"As much as WVU fans would like to see McBride in a Mountaineer uniform in 2021-22, I think he's played his way into the 1st round of the draft, meaning he will turn pro and forgo his final two seasons of college basketball. Returning could increase his draft stock but it's going to be hard to turn down 1st round money even if it's in the back half of the first 30 picks. I'm not certain of which way he is leaning at the moment and it would not be shocking to see him back in Morgantown for one more season. I'd say there's about a 55% chance he goes, 45% chance he stays."

Christopher Hall - Mountaineer Maven on Sports Illustrated

"I will not be surprised with either path Deuce decides to travel but I am leaning towards him returning to Morgantown to solidify his draft stock for 2022."

Matt Thornsbury - Mountaineer Maven on Sports Illustrated

"McBride is going to be really good at the next level. With that being said, I don’t think he’s quite ready. I believe the ceiling for McBride is really high and I think that’s a lot of his feedback. He could trickle up into the late first round, but as of right now there are still a lot of scouts listing him in the second. I think that’s where he’ll stay simply because they know it’s more beneficial towards his success in the league."


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