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ALGS 2023 Championship: Where Are Teams Dropping?

The Apex Legends Global Series 2023 Championship will have a lot going on, here are some of the drop spots and teams to keep an eye on for all the action.

Drop Spots and Teams to Watch for in the ALGS 2023 Championship

  • Teams in the ALGS pre-select where they will drop so they can practice in scrims prior to the event.
  • Group stage play will take place on Wednesday September 6th and Thursday September 7th, with Brackets Stage 1 and 2 on Friday and Saturday, September 8-9th and the Finals on Sunday September 10th.
  • World’s Edge and Storm Point are the two maps that will be used for competitive play in the Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 Playoffs.

The Year 3 Apex Legends Global Series is nearing its epic conclusion as 40 teams from around the world face off in the battle royale to determine the champion. Professional Apex Legends plays out a bit different from what casual players are used to in everyday play, instead of half the lobby dropping in Fragment on World’s Edge, each team has pre-selected where they’ll land to loot.

They do this so they can practice looting routes and where to rotate depending on where the ring pulls. But that doesn’t always mean there are no early fights. Avid fans often track through Reddit during professional scrims where each team is landing leading up to the Championship tournament. Here are a few spots and teams to watch out for during the upcoming LAN in London.

Group C & D - The Dojo vs Kick

Both The Dojo and K1CK earned their tickets to the Apex Legends Global Series through the Last Chance Qualifiers, so they’re looking to prove themselves on the world stage. But with both teams dropping in the same POI on both maps, it could be a rough day for one or both teams.

The Dojo is the team of the one and only, Timothy “iiTzTimmy” An, so the edge goes to them. Best case scenario for either of these teams is that they win every engagement and get some early points for the eliminations. But if it turns into a back-and-forth across the 6 games for the day, they’ll just be holding each other back and making it harder to catch up to the heavy hitters and winners of each match.

The Wall usually isn’t a place that teams share very well, but if one team goes inside the Wall and uses the jump cannon or zipline to get away, maybe it could work. But the chances of running into teams over towards Northpad are extremely high. Similarly, on World’s Edge dropping into Lava Siphon doesn’t mean you have to fight each other, there are plenty of ways to rotate out depending on where the map is.

Group A & C - Oxygen & Ganbare Otousan

Both Oxygen Esports and Ganbare Otousan are teams that are right on the cusp of possible greatness. While all eyes may be on teams like DarkZero and TSM, both Oxygen and Ganbare Otousan have what it takes to compete. But contesting each other on both maps is going to cause these two teams to have to split the difference.

If you teams want to keep up with the titans of Apex, they need every point and placement they can possibly get. Going out in the first round because of opening fights in your drop locations is going to add up fast and hurt you. Just like The Dojo and K1CK, either one of these teams is going to make out well with early points, or both of them are going to suffer on Storm Point.

World’s Edge could be a different matter as they’re contesting Big Maude and Stacks. Both of these POIs are big enough to support one team, so if they each take one side they can get kitted out and mostly go their own way. Depending on how the ring pulls one or the other could end up with the advantage as they’re siphoned into one another eventually.

Group B & C - Element 6, XSET, DreamFire & NORTHEPTION

This is less a straight up contested fight as each of these teams are dropping in distinct locations, but between Trials, Skyhook, Countdown and Lava Fissure, it’s very easy to hear where fighting is happening and swoop in for a third party.

Element 6 is at risk of being the first one out depending on where exactly XSET is dropping. If XSET decides to take Trials and work their way east through Skyhook and NORTHEPTION lands on the western side of Lava Fissure and works their way east, it’s going to starve out Element 6 from early loot.

With DreamFire in Countdown they’ll get at least blue shields across the board and more than enough weapons to be ready for a fight. If any shots ring out in this north western area, expect the rest of the teams to come looking.

Group A & C - Alliance & Complexity, The Dojo

Alliance is one of the strongest teams coming out of the EMEA region as they dominated the Pro League, but had a disappointing showing in the Split 2 Playoffs. Regardless, they’re not a team to be trifled with and Effect is one of the most dangerous and promising players in the ALGS at the moment.

Complexity will be contesting them in Cenote on Storm Point and The Dojo will be doing the same in Thermal Station on World’s Edge.

In Cenote, there are options for both teams to get decent loot and avoid one another, but Alliance is known as being an aggressive team and for pushing the advantage. Early kills here will set them up for a great game and Complexity needs to stay on the defensive and can’t be afraid to take fights if they want to survive.

In World’s Edge, Thermal Station is often a great spot to land because a lot of final rings pull in that direction. Alliance has had some great performances here, but if The Dojo and iiTzTimmy can put one over on Alliance it would be a great showing for The Dojo’s first international LAN.

How to Watch the ALGS Championship?

If you want to tune into the Apex Legends Global Series Championship all you need to do is tune in on September 6th through the 10th at the PlayApex Twitch Channel or on the official ALGS YouTube Channel.

Keep in mind that the Championship LAN is taking place in London, so the matches will be early in the morning for anyone in North America. Check out our guide on how to watch the Year 3 ALGS Championship.