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Alliance win the ALGS EMEA Regional Finals for Apex Legends

  • Alliance finished at the top of the EMEA Apex Pro League with 143 total points, 15 more than second place Vexed Gaming.
  • Alliance’s Effect had the most kills in the EMEA region for the ALGS with 114. The next closest was Pioneer’s Zaine with 97.
  • This win secures Alliance at the London LAN for the 2023 ALGS Split 2 Play Offs in July.

The Apex Legends Global Series held their EMEA and North American regional finals this weekend for 2023 Split 2 Apex Pro League. While Team Alliance brought home the win, it was a long and grueling competition that went nine straight games in match point format with 12 of the 20 teams reaching match point eligibility. Even though Alliance didn’t reach match point status until game eight, their win should come as no surprise to ALGS fans.

Alliance’s All Star Roster

Alliance is a Swedish esports organization founded 10 years ago in April of 2013. They entered the Apex scene almost immediately, launching their team in April 2019, two months after Apex Legends launch.

John "Hakis" Håkansson was assigned to the roster in early January of 2020 and has remained on the team as the in-game leader ever since. Between then and now, Hakis has racked up over 30+ 1st place wins across all tiers of competitive play including the ALGS Online for Europe in 2020 and the European Region’s PGL Showdown in 2020.

In late 2021, Alliance added former TV star and model turned pro Apex gamer Oscar "Yuki" Jiang to the roster. Prior to joining Alliance, Yuki played for a handful teams, but none on the same level as Alliance. Notably, he did take 5th place in the ALGS Championship in the 2021 EMEA region with team Aqualix. Throughout the 2023 Apex Pro League he quickly became known for his wild Sheila Plays on Rampart before settling into his role as Valkyrie.

Miron "Effect" Novikov is the most recent addition to Team Alliance joining in November of 2022. He’s a Russian born player who is participating in the ALGS as countryless in protest of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some of Effect’s notable achievements since joining Team Alliance include taking first at the Fire Beavers International, first in the Realm Pro League Season Preseason Finals and Realm Pro League EMEA Season 1.

London Bound for ALGS Split 2 Playoffs

With their win in the EMEA regional finals for the ALGS pro league, Alliance secures their spot in the Split 2 playoffs taking place the weekend of July 13th through the 16th in London. But even had they not won regional finals Alliance had more than enough points to secure a spot.

Had they not taken first place, or even worse had they not received any points towards their regular season point total they would’ve still come in 2nd or 3rd place overall just behind Vexed Gaming and Pioneers.

It’s clear that Alliance is one of the best teams in the EMEA region and a top contender for championship caliber team. They’re one of the longest running teams in the Apex scene and have been working together as a unit for nearly a year between all three. Haki and Yuki have been playing together for almost two years.

But what made them stand out this year in the Apex Pro League was their willingness to experiment and be creative. When the ALGS Split 2 Pro League started up in early March the professional teams consisted of mostly Seers, Catalyst’s and a smattering of Valkyries and Bangalores.

Alliance were running Seer for his wall scans and ability to counter the Catalyst walls and Valkyrie for her ultimate ability to quickly rotate. Instead of Catalyst, however, Yuki was playing the Rampart. His reasoning was that while Catalyst’s ultimate provided line of sight, you could still be shot through it especially if countered by Seer. But Rampart was able to give you cover no matter where you were.

Rampart would end up being a very popular pick throughout the Pro League, but the team eventually settled into their winning composition of Hakis on Newcastle, Yuki on Seer and Effect on Valkyrie.

With the ALGS Apex Pro League officially at its end, Effect also topped the Player Kills chart with a total of 114 over the season, 17 more than Pioneer’s Miron "Effect" Novikov in second place. That gives Effect an average of 16 kills a day with his highest at 22 on Day 6.

When is the London Apex Legends Global Series: Split 2 Playoffs?

The continuation of the ALGS 2022-2023 season will take place in London the weekend of July 14th through the 16th at the Split 2 Playoffs. 40 teams from the North American, EMEA, South American, APAC-N and APAC-S regions will compete for a $1,000,000 prize pool with the winners taking home $300,000.

You can make sure to watch the competition on the official Play Apex Twitch Channel or the official Apex Legends Esports Channel on YouTube.