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Apex Legends Global Series Rostermania: 2023 Off-Season

Year 3 of the Apex Legends Global Series as wrapped up and now teams and players have entered the 2023 off-season. Here are all the changes to teams and rosters.
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2023 Off-Season for Apex Legends Global Series, Team Rosters, Pick-Ups, Drops and Rumors

  • Year 3 of the Apex Legends Global Series wrapped up with TSM winning the Championship.
  • Apex Legends Developer Respawn Entertainment has said that details for Year 4 of the ALGS are coming soon.
  • Several teams have announced their departure from Apex Legends including NRG and Ascend.

The Year 3 Apex Legends Global Series has ended with TSM being crowned the Champion. Developer Respawn Entertainment and the ALGS has said that Year 4 is on the way and while players and fans alike are waiting for the details, teams have already begun to make some changes. Here are all the team and roster changes that have happened in the 2023 off-season so far. Be sure to check back often for updates.

NRG Leaves the ALGS

On September 15th, after placing 15th overall in the 2023 ALGS Championship, NRG announced that they would be departing from the Apex Legends Global Series.

“Today we are announcing our departure from Apex Legends.

Thank you to our players and creators, both past and present, for joining us on an incredible journey. We competed with the best Apex has to offer, and we wish everyone great success in the future ❤️.” NRG via Twitter.

With NRG leaving the ALGS Nathan “Nafen” Nguyen. Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton and Zachary “Gild” Dennis are all on LFT (looking for team) status. Sweetdreams says on his stream that NRG may not stick together going into Year 4.

DarkZero Esports

Due to their lackluster performance in the ALGS Championship and failure to make finals, rumors had begun that three-time title winners DarkZero Esports were going to be splitting up. But Genburten debunks that rumor on his livestream.

On October 1st via Twitter, DarkZero Esports announced that they have parted ways with Brody "Xynew" Geissler. The announcement said that he would be entering into a restricted free agency and that parting is mutual.

Ascend Leaves the ALGS

On September 17th, after placing 11th in the ALGS Championship tournament, Ascend announced via Twitter that they’re dropping their squad and exiting Apex Legends.

With Ascend leaving the ALGS, their former team are now LFT including Francisco “k4shera” Alves, Rafael “PostKiLL” da Silva Jesus and Jan “Lufka” Urban.

Complexity Leaves the ALGS

After Nathan "Lewda" Dias and Cody "Cody" Loze announced they’re LFT, rumors began that Complexity would be leaving the ALGS. On September, 20th on Twitter JMeyels said that it was confirmed though there is still no official word from Complexity.

Element 6 Replaces Slayer

Element 6 has announced on September 20th that their third member would be Anton "Slab" Eklundh (formerly GoNextEsports) to replace Joe "Slayers" Byrne who is looking for a team despite still being under contract with Element 6.

Team UpperMoon Forms

On Septmeber 20th, Team UpperMoon put together a roster that includes Jan “Lufka” Urban (formerly Ascend), Paweł "lighT" Haratyk and Jamie "Blasts" Levine. Blasts and lighT are both former Start A Fight players. They're currently looking for an orginization to represent them.

100 Thieves Drop Roster

After a disappointing Championship run at the Apex Legends Global Series, the 100 Thieves roster of Alex "scuwy" Scala, Brendan "Onmuu" Pode and Alan "Vaxlon" Gonzalez are back on the LFT market. On September 22nd, 100 Thieves announced they would be parting way with their all-mouse and keyboard.

The 100 Thieves squad placed 40th out of 40 at the Championship LAN.

FNATIC Release 2 of 3 Players

On September 25th via Twitter, FNATIC announced they were releasing two of their players and their coach to allow them to seek opportunities elsewhere. They bid farewell to Takamasa "Meltstera" Kawai, Yuto "UmichanLoveti" Narita and coach Hiroki "Kamaneko" Kimoto.

In the post FNATIC does say they plan to stay in the ALGS and that they have big plans for Year 4.

While FNATIC did make the ALGS Championship, they had a subpar performance and came in 26th place.

Rambeau Comes Out of Retirement

Announced via Twitter on September 27, Beau "RamBeau" Sheidy, has joined Native Gaming for Year 4 of the ALGS. Rambeau made headlines several times last season in the ALGS Pro League for retiring, then coming back to play for DarkZero Esports only two weeks later.

KCP Leaves Apex Legends Global Series

On October 1st via Twitter, KCP announced they would be leaving the Apex Legends Global Series and releasing their roster. KCP proved to be a competitive team in the EMEA region and took 8th place at the Year 3 ALGS Championship.

They mention in their announcement, "We will continue to invest in titles that provide organizational support or a clear pathway to support from the developer." The announcement also says they hope to return to the ALGS when the model reflects sustainability.

Team Dojo

On September 30th, Tyler "Dezignful" Gardner announced via Twitter he was looking for team. This comes after an argument between him and iiTzTimmy during North American professional scrims. Dezignful left the team, leaving Timmy and Verhulst with the just two of them. NiceWigg joined in for the final match and the team won the game.

In a Twitter post on October October 6th, Dezignful claimed he has rejoined the Dojo.

Team PULVERX Releases Two

On October 1st via Twitter, PULVERX announced they would be releasing two of their players from their roster. Shotaro "saku" Sakata and Shunsuke "ShunMi" Tsukada join a slew of other players now looking for a team.

PULVERX took 16th in the ALGS: 2023 Split 2 Playoffs and 17th in the Championship. Currently, only the in-game leader, Takumi "Ftyan" Kanasashi is signed left on the roster.

Team Singularity Parts Ways with ALGS Roster

Announced via Twitter on September 19th, Singularity is parting ways with its entire roster and coach. Team Singularity has a middling performance at the ALGS Championship in Year 3 coming in at 22nd place.

With the releases this puts the entire roster in LFT; Lucas "artiNN1" Cafure, Matheus "B1N" Ribeiro, Felipe "Elysium" Zapata and coach Hernandes "Besk9" Mateus dos Santos. Despite letting go of their roster, Singularity hasn't made any mention of if they're leaving the ALGS or if they'll be rebuilding for Year 4.

Horizon Union Leave ALGS

On October 4th, British esports organization Horizon Union announced via Twitter that they would be leaving the Apex Legends scene. They mention in their message that a return to the ALGS is not out of the question, but they don't believe the current landscape and model of Apex Legends doesn't align with their current goals or organization.

With their departure from the league, they released players Kai "Faenex" van Duppen, Johan "JSavageW" Wilbrenninck, Bilal "urban" Fulat and coach Thomas "Bowzey" Bowes. Horizon Union finished the Year 3 ALGS taking 11th place in the ALGS: 2023 Last Chance Qualifiers in the EMEA.

Already There Looking for Org

Three pros from three different former teams have come together to form Already There as they seek representation from an organization. Ryan "ImMadness" Schlieve previously played for Wildcard Gaming, Keon "Keon" Berghout most notably played for the Sentinels and Alan "Vaxlon" Gonzalez was released from the 100 Thieves roster following the ALGS Year 3 Championship.

Between the three of these players they have a combined $240,000 earnings, 5 ALGS wins and are ready to play for ALGS Year 4.

NORTHEPTION Releases Roster

On October 9th, NORTHEPTION announced via Twitter the release of their entire roster including; Naoto "ReyzyGG" Toya, Rei "Lykq" Yokoyama, Taida and Satuki.

NORTHEPTION took 2nd place in the Last Chance Qualifiers for their region in APAC North. But came up short at the ALGS Year 3 Championship placing 24th overall and just missing out on entering the finals.

Entropiq Leaves Apex Legends Pro Esports

Following in the footsteps of NRG, Ascend, Complexity and others, Entropiq announces they will be dropping their squad and leaving the game entirely

Similarly to other organizations, Entropiq points to a financial model that doesn't offer a sustainable future for the esports organization. They do say that should that model change in the future, they would consider a return to the ALGS.

With Entropiq leaving the ALGS, they release players Jose "Uxako" Llosa, Filipe "Hiarka" Morgado and manager Ryan "Darkii" Mayid.

ALGS Players Looking For Team

Outside of the above major team news, there are plenty of professional Apex Legends players who are looking for new teams. Here’s a list of major known players that are currently LFT including their former teams.

  • Takamasa "Meltstera" Kawai (formerly signed to FNATIC.)
  • Yuto "UmichanLoveti" Narita (formerly signed to FNATIC.)
  • Alex "scuwy" Scala (formerly signed to 100 Thieves.)
  • Brendan "Onmuu" Pode (formerly signed to 100 Thieves.)
  • Nathan “Nafen” Nguyen (formerly with NRG.)
  • Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton (formerly with NRG.)
  • Zachary “Gild” Dennis (formerly with NRG.)
  • Francisco “k4shera” Alves (formerly Ascend.)
  • Rafael “PostKiLL” da Silva Jesus (formerly Ascend.)
  • Nathan "Lewda" Dias (formerly with Complexity.)
  • Cody "Cody" Loze (formerly with Complexity.)
  • Casper "Gnaske" Præstensgaard (formerly with KCP.)
  • Zaine "Zaine" Kazi (formerly with KCP.)
  • Matthew "SirDel" Biggins (formerly with KCP.)
  • Paris "StayNaughty" Gouzoulis (formerly with Meat Lovers.)
  • Tanner "Rogue" Trebb (current stream for Team Liquid)
  • Angel "Awons" (formerly with Rise.)
  • Nicholas "diffq" Espersen (formerly BLVKHVND.)
  • Joe "Slayers" Byrne (currently with Element 6.)
  • Nathan "Retzi" Telen (formerly with Rise.)
  • Shotaro "saku" Sakata (formerly with PULVERX.)
  • Shunsuke "ShunMi" Tsukada (formerly with PULVERX.)
  • Lucas "artiNN1" Cafure (formerly with Singularity.)
  • Matheus "B1N" Ribeiro (formerly with Singularity.)
  • Felipe "Elysium" Zapata (formerly with Singularity.)
  • Adam "senoxe" Lau (formerly with Disguised Toast.)
  • Kai "Faenex" van Duppen (formerly with Horizon Union.)
  • Johan "JSavageW" Wilbrenninck (formerly with Horizon Union.)
  • Bilal "urban" Fulat (formerly with Horizon Union.)