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In a competitive team-based game like Apex Legends there is very little that is more important than proper communication with your squad. It can be the difference between getting picked off one by one or dominating in the game. Here is a list of common and useful callouts and slang you will hear in Apex Legends.

Fight Callouts

  • Arc\Nade\Thermite. There are a lot of different names and slang for the different grenades in the game. But it’s important to always call out when you are throwing your own, especially Thermites. Your grenades can’t hurt your teammates and if they don’t realize you’ve thrown one they may halt their push to wait for it to go away.
  • Beamed\Fried. Is when you do massive damage to a target, but maybe haven’t broken their shield or fleshed them. This lets your teammates know to check that target.
  • Broke\Broken\Cracked. These are all terms used to communicate that you’ve broken the enemy’s armor. It’s important to let your teammates know which enemy is vulnerable, “Blood Broke,” would mean that the enemy Bloodhound has no armor and could be going to use meds or shields.
  • Downed\Knocked. This can be used in reference to the enemy team if you get a knock and down an opponent, but they haven’t been fully killed yet. It can also be used to let your team know that you’ve been shot and knocked down by the enemy team.
  • Flesh\Fleshed\Skin\Health. This is a callout that will be used in conjunction when a shield is broken. This is to communicate that they have no shield and you’ve done damage to their hit points. When you use this callout, let your team know how much damage you’ve done to the health pool or how much you think they may have left. An example would be, “Lifeline fleshed, 40 HP damage.”
  • One Shot\One\1 HP. This is one of the most overused callouts in Apex Legends and ideally, it is used when an enemy is just “one bullet” from being finished. Depending on the gun, this could be a pretty large amount. Use this callout when you’re sure an enemy is very close to dead with no shields.
  • Push. This is your go command for when you have a moment to capitalize on a fight and win. It should be used when you know it’s safe to run in, such as when you knock an opponent or two. If you know you’re fighting a team with a Lifeline or Newcastle who can easily revive their teammates and someone knocks the Lifeline or Newcastle it’s usually a good time to call for a push.
  • Slow Heal\Slow Bat\Slow Healing. If you’ve been hit hard in a fight, but you don’t have any Shield Batteries or Medkits and you’ll have to heal slowly with smaller syringes or shield cells, this lets your team know you’ll be out of the fight for a moment.
  • Stuck. When you get hit with an Arc Star it sticks to you and will deal damage to you and your team if they’re close. Letting them know you got stuck will allow them to move out of the way since you’ll be slowed. This term can also be used to let your team know you stuck an opponent and it could be a good moment to push the team.
  • Thirst. When an enemy is downed but not dead, sometimes you might call to ‘thirst’ them. That means ignore whatever else is going on right now and get that kill as quickly as possible. This allows your team to use the death box for ammo, supplies or a shield swap. If you know you’re not going to survive much longer, but you want credit for your kills you may also decide to ‘thirst’ your opponents.

Strategy Callouts

  • Anchor. This is a defensive callout and means to take a spot and hold it down. “Anchor the building.”
  • Ape\Aping\Inting. This is a phrase commonly used when a team gets tunnel vision and attacks another squad regardless of other surrounding teams or the consequences. It often leads to that team winning, but then getting attacked and killed themselves.
  • Edge. Refers to the edge of the ring or the edge of the zone. It’s also a play style and a type of team composition that relies on playing the very edge of zones.
  • Gatekeeping. Is when a team positions themselves near the edge of the zone and holds out another team so they have to play in disadvantageous spots or even inside the zone so they are constantly taking damage.
  • God Spot. Used to describe the best and most defensible spot in any given ring or zone. God Spots, if played correctly, will guarantee the upper hand and usually the victory.
  • Group Up. Means gather with your group and stop spreading out.
  • Hold. Means to stop and not push forward, or even peek or look at your enemies. You don’t want to draw attention to your team and are waiting for an opportunity to present itself to make a play.
  • Pinch. Is when two or more teams come at another from multiple angles. A pincer attack.
  • Play Your Life. Is often used when your squad has lost a fight, but one member remains alive. If they can’t get the character banners for a respawn they’ll tell you to survive as long as you can. In ranked the longer you survive the more points you get. In PUBs, there’s not much of a reason to do so.
  • Poke. Or Poke damage is when you fire at a team just apply some pressure or leveling up your own shields and armor. You’re usually not expecting any major damage or knocks in these situations.
  • Rat\Ratting. This is a term usually used for when only one member of a squad remains and they are hiding and avoiding fights all together in hopes of placing as high as possible.
  • Rotate\Rotation. This is a term used for moving from one area to another. Your rotation is the path you will take as the match progresses and the rings get smaller.
  • Swing (direction). This may be called during fights or rotations when deciding where you should go at a moment's notice. It could be called for one of your squad to swing in a direction to get a new angle on the enemy. Or could be called for the squad to avoid a bad spot in enemy fire.
  • Third Party. Is when a third, or fourth, etc. squad shows up to attack other squads who are already in a fight or have just finished a fight.
  • Turtle. A defensive term used to refer to a team taking a totally defensive stance. A turtle composition would consist of Legends like Rampart, Catalyst, Caustic or Wattson who can make it nearly impossible and extremely deadly to try and breach an area they have control of.

Abilities\Item Callouts

  • Batt\Popping A Batt. Using a shield battery to restore all of your armor.
  • Blue Bin. A Blue Supply Bin that offers extra support items if opened by a Support Legend.
  • Bubble. Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection.
  • Burned (ability). Used to communicate that a specific Legend has used one of their abilities. Such as if an enemy Gibraltar uses his Dome of Protection, you would hear, “Gibby burned Bubble.”
  • Burning. The phrase used to let your team know that an enemy was hit by your Thermite Grenade and is currently taking damage.
  • Gold Knock. Refers to a Golden Knockdown Shield. If someone is revived using a Golden Knockdown Shield they will have 50 shields and 50 health. Calling out a Golden Knockdown Shield makes that target a priority, especially if they’re a Newcastle, Lifeline, Gibraltar or Mirage.
  • Juicer\Red Bin. Are the Red Assault Bins that offer extra attachments via smart loot if opened by an Assault Class Legend.
  • Kidnapping\Kidnap. Is a term used to describe when a Wraith will try and set her Portal ultimate ability on top of an enemy so they are immediately teleported to where the enemy lies in wait, effectively “kidnapping” them.
  • Scanned\Scan. Is when you have been scanned by the enemy team via a Bloodhound tactical ability or a recon beacon via one of the Recon Class Legends.
  • Shield Swap. Is a term to refer to looking for a full shield in a nearby deathbox or on the ground, so instead of trying to pop a shield cell or a battery during a fight you can just swap into a fresh shield.
  • Tac\Tactical. Refers to a Legends Tactical Ability.
  • TP\Port\Portal. Refers to a Teleport or a Portal such as Wraith’s ultimate ability or Ash’s ultimate ability.
  • Ult\Ultimate. An ultimate ability is being used, “Bloodhound Ult!” or an ultimate is being called for, “Use Valk Ult!”


  • Bunker\IMC. On the Storm Point map the IMC Bunkers allow your squad to fight waves of NPC Robots and get smart loot as a reward. But it can also make you a target for nearby teams.
  • Car (Beep Beep). Not to be confused with the CAR SMG (bang bang). When someone calls out a Car, they’re referring to the Trident vehicle on Olympus and Storm Point.
  • Dogs\Spiders. The Prowlers and Spider enemies on Storm Point that can be fought to receive extra loot.
  • Gas Daddy. An affectionate name used for Caustic by his biggest fans.
  • Smart Loot. A system that will reward you based on the attachments and gear your party already has. Things that use smart loot; IMC Bunkers, Lifeline Care Package and Red Assault Bins. These will prioritize attachments and gear that will be upgrades to what you currently have in your squad.
  • Loot Boi\Loot Ticks. These are small robots shaped like Loot Boxes or Disco Balls that flash various colors. When destroyed they will drop loot whose rarity is based on the color they were showing.

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