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Respawn Entertainment and Apex Legends have given us our first official look at the Season 17 Legend, August “Ballistic” Brinkman in their newest Story from the Outlands “Encore.”

Ballistic, An Old Legend

The story starts in the emptied, hallowed halls of a deserted mansion. We see an elderly, dapper gentleman pouring himself an Irish smoothie of some sort as he passes photos and memorabilia of a bygone era.

Taking a seat in front of TV with a look of melancholy and sadness he flips on the news as the camera cuts to several more photos of a man with a child. The newscast talks of a ‘great champion’ as we see flashbacks of the old man neglecting his son. As the news anchor names him as Ballistic, another flashback shows his wife and son leaving as he stands alone on the balcony.

Ballistic, she says, goes from Thunderdome Champion to humiliated hermit. Ballistic throws his drink at the TV in anger. As he begins to clean it up, the newscast asks what the legacy of August Brinkman is as they reveal that his son, Nathaniel would be participating in the Apex Legends Games.

A New Legend, Ballistic

We then see a montage of Ballistic getting back into form, shaving off his hermit beard, putting on his gloves, armor, gearing up with his weapons and his signature red sunglasses. A quick fade brings us to a battle behind glass as Ballistic easily dispatches several soldiers and makes his way into an office with Eduardo Silva, father to Apex Legend, Octane and CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals and the Syndicate.

“You and I are going to make a deal,” Ballistic says.

Several soldiers rush into the room as Ballistic holds his pistol to Silva’s head and recites an enticing headline. “After years in exile, disgraced Legend Ballistic returns to the arena. Will he show the next generation how it’s done or is he past his prime?”

Silva asks him what he wants in exchange for the deal and for Ballistic, it’s a simple request but one that breaks a vow he made long ago. He’ll return to the arena, if his son, Nathaniel, never sets foot inside it.

What Can Ballistic Do?

As for what exactly Ballistic does and what his abilities are? We’ll have to wait for the his Legends Trailer next week when Apex Legends starts dropping more information about the new Season, but what we do now based on trailers and leaks is that his passive ability will allow him to carry a third weapon in some capacity, his tactical ability has something to do with a smart bullet and overheating an enemies gun.

In fact, in the trailer, you see him put his pistol to the chest of a soldier and fire. The soldier tries to shoot back and his weapon malfunctions. As for Ballistics ultimate ability? It’s allegedly able to provide infinite ammo for the party and some other rumored buffs.

Keep your eye out on May 1st when the Embargo for Season 17 lifts and most information about Ballistic becomes available.