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DarkZero Esports & Aurora Gaming start ALGS Split 2 Playoff Rivalry

  • Both DarkZero Esports and Aurora Gaming are dropping and contesting Harvester on World’s Edge.
  • Aurora Gaming challenged DarkZero Esports and won all three fights against them, though DarkZero did survive one of them.
  • Neither of these two teams placed higher than 10th place on World’s Edge.

The Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 Playoffs began today in London and the competition was fierce. DarkZero Esports, a roster with two title wins under their belt and winners of the North American Pro League regional finals, found themselves challenged by Serbian esports team, Aurora Gaming.

DarkZero and Aurora Face Off

In the professional Apex Legends scene, it’s common practice for teams to choose where they are dropping before the matches start. The teams do this to practice their rotations and looting patterns in scrims leading up to the event.

Both DarkZero Esports and Aurora Gaming both choose Harvester on World’s Edge for their location despite being in the same group. This means they’ll be challenging each other through both days of the group stages on World’s Edge.

DarkZero Esports is one of the favorites to win, so it was a risky proposition for a team like Aurora Gaming to challenge them. But on Day 1, Aurora Gaming was able to defeat DarkZero Esports on the drop in Harvester and even dropped some BM by dancing on their death boxes.

A Rivalry is Brewing

In the second match on World’s Edge, DarkZero ended up retreating from Harvester after a prolonged fight that saw both Xynew and Zer0 killed. Genburten was able to respawn Zer0, but already they’re adapting to Aurora’s presence.

In match 3, DarkZero pulls out of Harvester quickly and Aurora gives chase. The ensuing battle comes down to a tight 1 v 1 with Aurora pulling out the win before they’re quickly the victims of a 3rd party and sent back to the lobby.

DarkZero are one of the top contenders and two-time title winners for a reason. Though Aurora may complicate things and make them work for it, expect the rivalry between these two teams in Harvest to heat up even more throughout group stages.

At the end of Day 1 Group Stages in the Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 Playoffs, Aurora Gaming ended up at 9th place overall with 27 points. DarkZero finished their day sitting at 4th place with 38 points thanks to a great performance on Storm Point which included a win in game 3.

Even if Aurora can keep the pressure on DarkZero in World's Edge, Zer0 and his squad have shown they can pick up plenty of points on Storm Point. Aurora meanwhile, are contesting ONIC Esports on Storm Point as well. It's going to be a tough road out of group stages for Aurora Gaming.

If both DarkZero and Aurora can make it out of group stages and into bracket play, expect this rivalry to grow even hotter.