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What makes a good World’s Edge Landing Spot in Apex Legends?

  • A good landing spot in Apex Legends has enough loot to get a basic to rare loadout for your team within the first minute of landing.
  • World’s Edge has a lot of room to move around, so you need to be cautious of where you can rotate and how other teams can ambush you.
  • A lot of the Landing Spots in World’s Edge can get hot very quickly, watch where people are dropping and stick to zones on the edge of the map.

World’s Edge saw a massive update in Season 17 of Apex Legends, Arsenal, so how exactly has changed the landing spot meta and rotation? The hottest drop spot in the game, Fragment, went through the biggest changes, but it’s still a very popular place to land. If you want the best chance of making it to the champion screen then try landing in these spots for the best results.

Big Maude

Depending on which path the drop ship is taking, this can sometimes be a hot drop. But what makes Rampart’s Town Takeover, Big Maude, such a special landing spot is guaranteed tricked out guns. In the first area of Big Maude is a showroom with Golden, Purple and Blue guns all filled out with full attachments. You need to raid the crafting materials and some bins to unlock them, but they’re great for early game engagements.

On top of that, you can usually find a loot drone flying around with a Loot Vault Key in it. You’ll have two options based on circle placement, there’s a vault to the north of Geyser and one to the west of Stacks.

Stacks is a new POI that will probably be hotter than its predecessor, Lava City. Your squad should be equipped enough to show up and third party whoever is left at Stacks, but it’s also a new favorite spot for high skill players and streamers, so proceed with caution.

You’ll be able to rotate into Geyser and toward Fragment or into Lava Siphon if you don’t feel the need to walk into Stacks. There’s also a Redeploy Balloon very close to help you cover more ground.


This landing spot in Apex Legends is often overlooked (pun intended) because of how close it is to Fragment and because it’s on the edge of the map. Most teams who drop here do so as a last resort or because they’re the last ones out. It can sometimes be contested, but there’s only enough loot here for one team.

There is more loot on the Overlook itself, among the circular buildings and the silos next to it. But chances are the other team will have high ground on you if you try to fight from here. So use caution and try to get them to come to you, or use the stairs and silos to take high ground back.

The loot here isn’t top tier, but it’ll get the job done. You’ll normally have a crafting replicator up here as well and many rotation options. You can proceed directly into Fragment if you’re looking to find action quickly, or into Climatizer or Epicenter depending on if the ring calls for it. You also have a redeploy balloon here to help you cover that ground faster.

If you need more loot, go south into the tunnels towards Geyser, bonus points if you found a loot drone near the No Name POI just south east of Fragment.


Another landing spot in Apex Legends World’s Edge that can sometimes be a very contested area. What’s great about getting here first is that a button on the north and south side opens the black doors on the bottom of this POI. There is almost always a purple shield and two blue shields and sometimes golden gear.

There is enough loot here to take early fights, long range with optics can help immensely if you’re taking shots across the POI. But be very careful that these fights don’t go on too long. Another great aspect of Countdown is how many different POIs you can rotate too, but this also means a lot of other teams can come in for a third party.

Between the four to five POI rotation options, Lava Fissure and Staging are your best bets for additional loot and avoiding third parties. Keep your ears open and if you hear gunshots, start making your way toward them so you can be the ones reaping the benefits of a third party.

Thermal Station

Of all the landing spots in World’s Edge, Thermal Station can be the quietest if you land alone. You can land on the top of the pillar in the center and sometimes get decent loot. If you are alone, spread out between the southern houses, Thermal proper and either of the two buildings on the east or north west.

You should leave Thermal Station stacked with loot and if you have a crafting replicator as well, you’re better for it. Thermal is a great place to defend from if the ring is pulling your direction, but if it’s not you can rotate to Staging, get an overlook on Harvester, take point in The Tree or bypass it to Lava Siphon via the bridge.

It can be a slow start, but Thermal Station has everything you need to survive the first two rings with little problems.


One of the biggest POIs in World’s Edge, Skyhook will likely land you with one or more teams. But this place is large enough to suppose 2-3 teams, you just need to make sure you don’t get pinched in between the others.

There are plenty of ways out of Skyhook if you’re not looking for an early fight. In fact, the train tunnel to the east is a great place for additional loot and to anchor if a team is chasing you. On the west you have Trials which will have guaranteed gold loot if you can finish it before enemies show up. As of Season 17 they even added in a new loot vault in the southern tunnel leaving Skyhook.

Furthermore, if you make looting quick you might even be able to third party whoever is left over in Countdown or Landslide.

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