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New Legend Conduit Ignites Apex Legends in Season 19

Find out everything you need to know about Conduit in Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite.

Conduit joins Apex Legends in Season 19: Ignite

  • Conduit is a Support Legend who uses her abilities to boost the shields of her Allies.
  • Conduit’s real name is Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divina and she is a 27 year old Filipino who joined the games to support her family.
  • She’s a fan of the Apex games and the Legends and has a love for the technology and strategy behind the games.

Conduit is the 25th Legend to be added to the Apex Legends battle royale. Her character and kit is designed around the core concept of Self-Sacrifice according to Conduit’s Lead Narrative Designer, Christal Rose Hazelton.

Who Is Conduit?

Conduit is a support legend added in Apex Legends Season 19 with abilities that center around restoring shields and keeping her allies in the fight.

If you’ve watched Conduit’s entry into the Stories from the Outlands, you know that she comes from a big Filipino family. In the video her older sister Diwa is injured at work and providing for the family now falls to Conduit. She climbs the hills on the outskirts of her village to an old modified Monarch Titan and uses the battery to create her kit with intentions on joining the Apex games.

Conduit taking a selfie with Wattson as she finishes her in Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite

One of Conduit's finishers titled "Selfie" in Apex Legends Season 19.

Conduit’s personality and backstory was really built around her kit and the core word of Self-sacrifice,” said Hazelton, who is Filipino herself. “But we still wanted to balance that with levity, so she has a bright and infectious personality with a goofy sense of humor.”

Her Filipino heritage can even be seen in the design of her character. Chris Winder, the Legend Designer for Conduit said that the Sun Symbol from the Filipino flag was intentionally used as inspiration for the halo-like symbol that her pack creates. It’s also represented in her color palette and plays into the sunny disposition she often has.

What are Conduit’s Abilities?

As a support Legend, Conduit's abilities are designed to protect and enable her squad. From her passive allowing her to always catch up quickly, her tactical ability that lets her recharge shields and an ultimate that keeps the enemy at bay, she’ll be a welcome addition to the Legends roster.

Passive Ability: Savior Speed

Conduit gets a burst of speed when she’s away from her allies but still moving in their direction. This speed boost will last until she is within range of her tactical ability in relation to her squad. But she must always be moving toward them.

Tactical Ability: Radiant Transfer

Conduit’s tactical ability is all about recharging lost shields between her and her allies. When it’s used it will quickly fill-up the targeted allies' shields, but only temporarily. Triggering the tactical ability will also give Conduit temporary shields as well. These temporary shields don’t stack if you’ve already got full shields.

If Conduit or her ally receives any damage while the temporary shields are regenerating, the regen effect will cancel. The ability is great for providing a bit of extra protection while trying to get your shields back up, or getting back into a fight to finish it a few seconds faster.

Conduit using her Tactical Ability in Apex Legends Season 19.

Conduit Recharging an allies shields in Apex Legends Season 19.

Ultimate Ability: Energy Barricade

Conduit’s ultimate ability has a lot of range and covers a length of the field comparable to Catalyst’s ultimate, Dark Veil. She launches out seven titan batteries that create a long barricade of energy. If any enemies move through this barricade, it will cause them to be slowed and to take ongoing damage for as long as they stay in it.

Early rumors reported that this barricade and the batteries were immune to damage, but the developers said that parts of the barricade can be destroyed if you shoot the individual batteries.

Conduit using her ultimate ability Energy Barricade in Apex Legends Season 19.

Conduit's ultimate ability Energy Barricade.

Conduit will join the Apex Legends games on Tuesday, October 31st, you can find out more in our article about the patch notes and all other changes coming in Season 19: Ignite.