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What Maps are currently in rotation in Apex Legends Season 17?

  • There are three maps in rotation per season, which change every 24 hours in rank play and every 60 to 90 minutes.
  • For Ranked Season 17 the maps in rotation are Storm Point, World’s Edge and Broken Moon.
  • World’s Edge had a substantial change this season adding in two new, major Points of Interest: Monument and Stacks.

The map rotation in Apex Legends went through some major changes for Season 17, including removing the mid-season rank split. Now the same three maps will be in rotation throughout the entire season. Here’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 17 map rotation.

What Maps Are In Rank Rotation?

Ranked Map Rotation, Season 17

Storm Point map art from Apex Legends

Without a mid-season split for Apex Legends rank mode, the three rank maps will rotate out every 24 hours. They include Broken Moon, World’s Edge and Storm Point. You’ll find the same three maps in Trio’s and Duo’s as well, but they rotate every 60-90 minutes.

World’s Edge had some major changes to the map this season which includes Fragment West getting a huge make-over into Monument, a museum dedicated to the history of the Apex Legends games.

Lava City was also remodeled into stacks and has become a major Point of Interest just south of Rampart’s town takeover, Mid Maude.

Will There Be Map Changes in Season 17?

Since this is the first competitive season without a ranked split, players weren't sure if the maps would be changed out at the mid-season point, or if they’ll stay the same for the entirety of Season 17.

With the Dressed to Kill Collection Event and June 20th update, however, Storm Point and Broken Moon were swapped in over King's Canyon and Olympus.

There have also been rumors and leaks about some big changes coming to Storm Point, including a Wattson town takeover that could dramatically change the northern side of the map.

Broken Moon, the map added with Catalyst in Season 15 is also due for some kind of update. A change in map design or a town takeover for Broken Moon would be a welcome update by players.