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Apex Legends Harbinger Event Patch Notes

The Harbinger Event Patch introduces Fuse's Heirloom, World's Edge After Dark and nerfs for Legends like Horizon and Revenant.

Apex Legends Harbinger Collection Event Patch Notes for September 19th

  • The Harbinger Event brings Fuse his heirloom, the Razor’s Edge, an electric guitar.
  • Old World’s Edge is back in Worlds Edge After Dark with a new Limited-Time Mode called Living Shells.
  • Horizon is receiving another nerf to her gravity lift tactical ability.

The next big update to Apex Legends is here with the Harbinger Collection Event. Along with it players can expect the usual line-up of 24 exclusive, limited-time cosmetics and a brand-new heirloom for Fuse, the Razor’s Edge. But these patch notes also include a slew of new balance changes and updates to a few Legends as well.

The Harbinger Collection Event

Fuse’s Heirloom and 24 other Cosmetics

The Razor’s Edge is an electric guitar that Fuse says is a gift from Bloodhound in the trailer. If players collect all 24 of the exclusive, limited-time cosmetics they will automatically unlock the Razor’s Edge. Otherwise, players will need to spend 150 heirloom shards to get it after the event concludes. The Harbinger Collection Event starts on September 19th and wraps up on October 3rd.

Fuse's heirloom, the Razor's Edge in Apex Legends from the Harbinger's Collection Event.

Fuse's Heirloom, the Razor's Edge in Apex Legends.

Some of the cosmetics you can unlock in the Harbinger Collection Event include; Legendary skins for Fuse, Seer, Bloodhound, Bangalore, Ashe and Gibraltar. Unlike the last collection event, the Harbinger event brings all new skins and not just recolors. Each Legendary skin for the Legends comes with a matching Legendary skin which includes; the Nemesis, the Longbow DMR, the Alternator, the Rampage, the Charge Rifle and the Prowler.

New Limited Mode: Living Shells Trios

It’s been a few events since players have gotten a truly new limited-time mode in the game, but the Harbinger Collection Event is bringing in something entirely original. Living Shells Trios is a game mode that has a special new piece of ordnance that looks like one of Revenant’s Skulls. When players throw this at enemies, it will lock and follow them like a heat-seeking missile until it explodes on contact.

World’s Edge After Dark

For all the Apex Legends players who miss the World’s Edge of old, the new Living Shell Trios limited-time mode will take place on World’s Edge before changes like Monument, Lava Siphon and Harvester are made.

The entire map will take place at night and even the loot train has been resurrected for a quick trip around the map, if you dare risk the ire of the other teams hitching a ride.

Fuse's new Legendary Skin in the Apex Legends Harbinger Collection Event.

Fuse on World's Edge After Dark in the Living Skulls Trio limited-time event.

Patch Notes


Weapon Crafting Rotation

Every season around the halfway point, the crafting replicator gets an updated rotation of weapons. With the Harbinger event the 30-30 and RE-45 are going into the replicator, while the Mozambique and Nemesis return to the floor.

  • 30-30 Repeater enters the crafter.
  • RE-45 with Hammerpoint Rounds enters the crafter.
  • Mozambique returns to floor loot.
  • Nemesis returns to floor loot.

There will also be a redistribution of the pockets of high tier armor within POI’s (ex.the center of Countdown on World’s Edge) into the global loot pool. So running to get the three armors in the center of Countdown, may no longer be a smart idea.


Nemesis Burst AR

Since its introduction in Season 16, the Nemesis has been a terror in the battle royale with players calling for a nerf since its inception. Though the developers have said in the past that the Nemesis is in line with assault rifles of its type (the R-301 and Flatline), it’s finally seeing that nerf that players have been clamoring for.

  • Damage reduced to 16 (was 17).
  • ADS recoil increased.



Mr. Fitzroy himself saw a lot of increased play at the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, whether or not that is contributing to this slight nerf, is anyone’s guess.. The time it takes to deploy his knuckle cluster has increased.

  • Knuckle Cluster’s tactical deployment speed increased.


Everyone’s favorite space mommy has been a top pick in Apex Legend since she was launched. As a skirmisher she’s in the top 6 Legends picked with a 7.7% pick rate. But that may drop a bit after these nerfs to her gravity lift tactical ability.

  • Gravity Lift
    • Weapon accuracy decreased while in Lift (more spread).
    • Vertical Lift speed reduced by 20%.
    • Hover time at top of Lift reduced to 0.5s (was 2.0s).


Apex Legends’ resident weapon modder also saw some playtime during the Championship for the ALGS, but is still a very low pick rate character. She’s receiving minor buffs that Rampart mains will be overjoyed to see.

  • Amped Cover
    • Placement time was reduced to 2s (was 3s).
    • Rampart now remains in placement mode after deploying a wall.


After getting a complete rework this season, Revenant saw a lot of increased play and it’s no surprise that a bit of balancing would eventually be coming his way. He’s going to see some adjustments to both his tactical ability and his ultimate ability.

  • Forged Shadows
    • Reduce time extension from knocks to 5s (was 10s).
    • Extra damage to the shroud will bleed through to Revenant if it breaks.
  • Shadow Pounce
    • Slightly increased pounce angle compensation when looking at the ground.


Finally, a hotfix from earlier this month to rank was confirmed in the patch notes, increasing elimination bonuses across all skill levels and fixing point disparity between teammates with different skill levels.

  • Guaranteed (%, per kill) Elimination Bonus has been raised across all skill levels.
  • Point disparity between teammates of vastly different skill has been reduced.