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Apex Legends Death Dynasty Collection Event — Unlock Revenant Heirloom Recolor

Launching with the new Season 18, Death Dynasty Collection Event brings a recolored Revenant Heirloom to players.

Apex Legends Collection Event Death Dynasty brings Revenant Reborn Heirloom a Recolor

  • The Death Dynasty Collection Event launches with Season 18: Resurrection for Apex Legends.
  • This Collection Event is an entirely recolored one, with a new look for Revenant’s Heirloom Scythe and the weapon and Legend skins.
  • Death’s Dynasty Collection Event will run from August 8th until August 22nd.

Hot off the heels of the Neon Network Collection Event, Season 18 of Apex Legends, Resurrection will launch with another collection event. The Death Dynasty Collection Event will feature 24 limited-time cosmetic items, all of which are recolors or have been repurposed from previous cosmetics, including Revenant’s Heirloom Scythe.

Revenant Reborn, New Heirloom Recolor

With Revenant’s reworked abilities and change from an assault Legend to a skirmisher Legend, it’s no surprise that Respawn Entertainment is launching a new collection even alongside the Season 18 debut for Apex Legends.

It’s the perfect time to get everyone excited for the new Simulacrum Assassin and what better way to complete his new look than with a brand new recolor on his heirloom scythe?

Revenant's heirloom scythe from Apex Legends recolored for the Death Dynasty Collection Event.

Revenant's recolored heirloom for the Death Dynasty Collection Event.

Just like with Wraith’s recolor earlier this year, the heirloom is also getting updated animations. As one of the earlier heirlooms added into the game, Revenant and others (such as Wraith, Lifeline, Octane, ect.) weren’t given special animations or hidden easter eggs.

But don’t worry if you have the old heirloom and don’t want to pick up the new one (it’ll run the usual $160), because both versions of the heirloom will get the special animations.

If you want some tips on how to get an heirloom fast and cheap, check out this article.

Other Legends and Skins

Of course Apex Legends collection events aren’t just about the Mythic cosmetics, as they always come with 24 other new cosmetics to collect. This always includes some combination of Legend skins (Epic and Legendary), weapon skins (epic and legendary), banner frames, holo sprays, Legend emotes, and gun charms.

The Legends that were teased in the Season 18: Resurrection trailer include Loba, Crypto, Wraith and Catalyst along with a few weapons.

Recolors Will Recontinue

Just like with Wraith’s recolor collection event, the skins in Death Dynasty are not new skins, but old ones with a new coat of paint slapped on. There has been some heavy criticism of Respawn Entertainment this year concerning how often they’ve been going back to the recolor well for skins, events and store sales.

In some egregious cases, like with Death Dynasty and the Threat Level event, the recolors weren’t even different and the same color palette was used on all of the skins.

However, some of the skin models in this event are pretty rare. The Loba skin being used came from the anime event which was very popular with fans. And the Wraith skins, is one of the rarer and most coveted skins in the game having been introduced back in Season 4 of Apex Legends.

Event Store Page

There will also be a limited time event store page for Death Dynasty that will feature several bundles to help players save a few bucks if they want to collect all the cosmetics for the Revenant Reborn Heirloom Scythe.

There will also be a rotation of older skins available for only a few days at a time. Players will also be able to earn a few free rewards from doing daily challenges for prizes on the Daily Reward Tracker.

The Death Dynasty Collection Event will run for two weeks from August 8th until August 22nd.