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The Most Picked Legends at ALGS Championship 2023

Three legends completely dominated in the Apex Legends Global Season Championship, showing that the current meta might need a bit of balancing.

Here are the most-picked legends used by the pros at the Championship, according to Apex Legends Status.


Bangalore had a pick rate of 78.61%. That’s because she was part of the dominant team composition of Bangalore, Catalyst, and Horizon, which was used by teams over 43% of the games, including TSM when they won in the Grand Finals.

Bangalore was a must-pick since she counters controller aim assist, which was used by a lot of the pros at the ALGS Championship. Aim assist is disabled by her smokes, weakening controller players against her. Bangalore has some great crowd control with her ultimate as well, further cementing her as a solid pick in most team comps.


Catalyst had a pick rate of 77.58%, almost putting her at the same pick rate as Bangalore. That’s because the two were often used together to create a defensive force that’s tough to deal with. Combining Bangalore’s smoke and Rolling Thunder with Catalyst’s door jamming passive and massive Dark Veil is incredibly tricky to infiltrate, giving pros using this duo an upperhand in most tough situations.


Horizon was often paired with Bangalore and Catalyst, putting her at 67.49%. Since Bangalore and Catalyst are so focused on defense, players needed some extra mobility and Horizon sure has enough to go around. Her kit allows teams to get optimal positioning and set up a great defense before opponents can react. This is great for Apex Legends’ fast-paced gameplay as the ring keeps closing in.


With a 21.95% pick rate, Bloodhound has continued to be a powerful legend to have during most metas. Their ability to track down opponents and scout out areas has kept them relevant season after season and ALGS was no different.


Valkyrie is next with a 12.89% pick rate. She has a lot of mobility options that can keep a team moving, staying ahead of the ring and getting unexpected positioning on approaching opponents.