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Brawlhalla is no stranger to crossovers, but this is shaping up to be one of the most legendary we’ve seen so far. With two legend skins, a brand new map, and so much more, here’s an overview of everything included in the event as well as how to unlock it!

What’s New

Players who log in during the event will be granted the “Spartan” title. Afterwards they will be greeted by a new main menu screen and soundtrack. From there you can access the Brawl of the Week: Team Oddbrawl. This game mode is familiar to any hardcore Halo fan; a game of keep-away where your team must hold the Oddball for as long as possible to gain points.

This event also features a brand new map: Halo! Weave your way between the 4 hovering platforms to outmaneuver and outplay your foes.

How can I unlock Master Chief and The Arbiter in Halo?

Head on over to Malhalla to pick up the new cosmetics!

Front and center you’ll find the two Epic Crossover skins, each with unique signature effects and lock-in animations. Master Chief mirrors the abilities of Isaiah, using the iconic SPNKr Rocket launcher and Magnum Pistols. The Arbiter mirrors the abilities of Sidra, wielding a Fuel Rod Cannon and the famous Energy Sword. You can purchase these for 300 Mammoth Coins each, approximately $12 USD.

There’s a variety of other items available to help you finish the fight:

KO Effect

  • Grunt Explosion - 240 Coins


  • Mongoose - 120 Coins

Item Skins

  • M7 SMG & Plasma Rifle - 60 Coins
  • Needlers - 60 Coins
  • Oddball - 100 Coins
  • Grifball - 60 Coins
  • Gravity Hammer - 60 Coins


  • Banshee - 80 Coins


  • The Flood - 30 Coins
  • Halo - 30 Coins
  • The UNSC - 30 Coins
  • The Banished - 30 Coins
  • John-117 - 30 Coins
  • Cortana’s Goodbye - 30 Coins

Emoji Skins

  • Warthog BRB - 20 Coins
  • The Arbiter WP - 20 Coins
  • The Master Chief GG - 20 Coins
  • Cortana Wave - 20 Coins
  • Brute Rage - 20 Coins
  • Grunt RIP - 20 Coins