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The Most Expensive Call of Duty Bundle in History Has Fans Up in Arms

Call of Duty players are outraged with a $34 weapon skin bundle that has put Activision in hot water.

The Call of Duty community was left dumbfounded when Activision Blizzard announced the first-ever $34 bundle, the Gassed Up Weapon Vault bundle. 

On February 18, Activision released a bundle that costs 3,400 CoD Points. While this is the equivalent of $34, the closest CoD Points purchase to afford it is $39.99 for 5,000. This is the first bundle ever to cost this much, leaving Call of Duty players furious. 

 In response to the bundle's release, gamers online began to voice their anger with Activision Blizzard. Many pointed out that you can spend $40 to play an entire game, including Helldivers 2. Others argued that skins used to be as low as $1.99, showing the incredible difference between the prices nowadays. 

Gassed Up Weapon Vault bundle CoD expensive

Activision Responds to Angry CoD Players

Shortly after the bundle was released and players started freaking out, Activision tweeted that the Gassed Up Weapon Vault bundle has been temporarily removed from the in-game store due to a "pricing error."

Activision then claimed that the price was supposed to be 2,400 CoD Points, or $24. 

Call of Duty price controversy tweet

Call of Duty tweet 

Call of Duty players responded to the price change with even more anger. Some simply stated that $24 is still very expensive for a bundle while others noted that Activision was most likely lying about the "pricing error" after seeing previous data miners leak the $34 price. 

Said one CoD player on Twitter: "Data miners and leakers have known this price was 3,400 for the longest and knowing how often they go for data miners to CND them they should have known it was an issue to begin with. The price had to have been intentional and only changed the cause of backlash in my opinion." 

The Call of Duty community raised concerns with Activision and its pricing increases. Others have started claiming that Activision "scammed" players by returning CoD Points spent on the $34 bundle while keeping the "real money" for themselves. 

Activision has not responded to these claims.