Does XDefiant Have Aim Assist?

Here is how aim assist works in XDefiant.

XDefiant is a competitive FPS that has players leveling up weapons and learning the best angles of every map, but some have wondered if the game has aim assist and if so, has it made the game less competitively viable?

XDefiant has crossplay as well as the ability to use a controller on your PC. When there's controllers and mouse and keyboard together, gamers start to wonder how the two can work together equally. Mouse and keyboard is often seen as more accurate with faster movement, making controller feel inferior. To make up for that, a lot of FPS games have aim assist that helps controller players aim a bit easier.

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Is XDefiant any different?

Is There Aim Assist in XDefiant?

Yes, XDefiant has aim assist!

Ubisoft decided to implement aim assist for controller players that want to have a similar experience to mouse and keyboard players. You have the ability to set up aim assist to fit your specific needs as well.

XDefiant in game screenshot

How To Turn on Aim Assist in XDefiant

To enable aim assist: 

  • Open the main menu and select "Settings"
  • Choose "Controller"
  • Go to "Aim Assist" and use the arrows to select "Standard"

From here, you can also change the aim assist settings. There are strength and follow settings that can be adjusted to match your playstyle needs. For example, the responsive setting will impact the finer stick movements, making it so you can move faster without worrying about your aim being way off with controller.

If you want to disable aim assist, you can select "Disable" in the same area.

Is Aim Assist Overpowered in XDefiant?

There has been some debate over if aim assist is overpowered or not in XDefiant. Some gamers feel that the aim assist in XDefiant has made controllers a lot easier and more accurate to use than mouse and keyboard, arguing that it locks onto targets due to strong tracking.

Others have argued back that the aim assist is weak, however, stating that controllers are still at a disadvantage. Some have felt it's not consistent and even argued that it doesn't work at times. A few even said it has "zero aim assist" since it does so little to have an impact for controller players.

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