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Granbule Fantasy Versus: Rising Battle Pass Round 1 — All Costumes and Cosmetics

The Battle Pass Round 1 has arrived in Granbule Fantasy Versus: Rising, bringing plenty of new cosmetics.

Starting today, you can complete missions in-game to raise your battle pass level. You’ll unlock exclusive rewards at every level. The goal is to grind until you reach the highest level before the battle pass ends, usually at the end of the current season.

Here are the set contents in Battle Pass Round 1:

  • Costume: Narmaya
  • Character Color: Gran
  • Character Color: Zooey
  • Character Color: Anne
  • Character Color: Anila
  • Character Color: Lucilius 
  • Weapon Skin: Katalina
  • Weapon Skin: Vaserga
  • Weapon Skin: Yuel
  • Weapon Skin: Siegfried
  • Sticker: Bwahahaha!
  • Sticker: Gol
  • Character Illustration: Cagliastro
  • Character Illustration: Seox
Granblue Fantasy Versus battle pass Lucilius

The following rewards can be unlocked for free.

  • Trophies
  • Badges
  • Battle Cards
  • Character Illustrations
  • Stickers
  • Music: Battle 1
  • Avatar: Bloody-Blood Stabby Man
  • Draw Tickets
  • Rupies

The Battle Pass Round 1 is $7.99. You can pay an extra $4.99 to instantly unlock the first 10 levels of the battle pass. This will unlock the first 10 cosmetics and give you a boost before you start grinding. You can also purchase this later on and jump ahead 10 levels when you’ve already started leveling up yourself.

The reaction to the battle pass has been mixed. Some fans are already drooling over the skins while others have demanded that GBVS remove their battle pass system entirely. These disgruntled gamers argued that the game is already full price and it’s greedy to also make players pay for a battle pass to get otherwise unavailable cosmetics.