Does MultiVersus Have Local Multiplayer?

Here's all you need to know to play couch co-op MultiVersus with friends.

There's always talk of netcode when it comes to fighting games and competitive practice. But does MultiVersus have local multiplayer? Here's how local play works!

How to Play Local Multiplayer

It's easy to set up a local multiplayer match. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Starting Menu
  2. Choose the Game Mode in the bottom left corner
  3. Spot the Other option in the middle and select Local
  4. Press any button on the P2 controller

From here, you can add up to three more players, four total. Just have each person press a button on their connected controller so they can be recognized in-game.

Then, go to Match Settings so you can make the match how you want it. This includes the time limit, stage selection, and ring outs.

MultiVersus multiplayer

Does MultiVersus Have Split Screen?

MultiVersus has local play aka couch co-op. This means you can play with friends if you are all hanging out together at your house, no internet needed. However, the screen itself won't be split. You'll see the stage in full on the screen, making all characters visible on the same screen — no split screen required!

MultiVersus Local Multiplayer Limitations

MultiVersus players are not too happy with multiplayer overall. Unlike games like Street Fighter 6 and fellow platform fighter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, MultiVersus only has one mode for local multiplayer: Versus mode.

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This means gamers can only do head-to-head matches against friends. You can't locally play multiplayer Rifts or any other game mode. You'll need to play with friends online for the fuller multiplayer experience.

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