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Street Fighter 6 is set to release June 2, 2023. The anticipation has definitely been building, with Capcom slowly revealing new fighters and some incredibly impressive gameplay that has hearts pounding. Now, a final showcase has been confirmed for April 20, aka 420.

The 30-minute showcase will provide new details on the game’s World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hubs modes. The stream will end with “big news,” which seems to be the big draw of the event. Throughout the stream, you can expect to see developers as well as rapper Lil Wayne.

It may sound random to have Lil Tunechi in a Street Fighter 6 showcase. But he’s actually worked with Capcom on Street Fighter promotions before. Weezy and Drake headlined a Street Fighter-themed tour in 2014, complete with official Street Fighter style graphics of the two rappers. As a fan of Street Fighter and weed, it only makes sense to have Lil Wayne appear on the final showcase. I guess?

What Is the Street Fighter 6 Final Showcase About?

You can expect some new information about Street Fighter 6’s World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hubs during the final showcase. The World Tour will be especially groundbreaking for a fighting game, allowing players to create an avatar that will fight against all of the iconic Street Fighter characters on a journey to discover the true meaning of strength.

The real question is, what is the “big news” at the end of the event? The FGC already knows a good amount about the roster and gameplay. The Capcom Cup has also revealed major news months ago, boasting a $2 million prize pool (with $1 million going to the winner).

We predict that it will most likely be the announcement of an open beta. A Japanese pro fighting game player accidentally leaked the possibility of an open beta during a livestream, mentioning a “trial” while playing Dead By Daylight.

According to the Japanese icon, a beta of some sort is coming in April. And, well, it’s already April! So if this is an actual possibility, it makes sense that the showcase would mention that an open beta is on its way as a banger way to end the stream.

How to Watch the Street Fighter 6 Final Showcase

If you want to watch the livestream, head to the official YouTube channel or Twitch. The 30-minute stream will be on April 20 at 3 PM PST.