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The Best Fortnite Crossovers, Ranked

There are many amazing crossovers across the years in Fortnite, but some really changed the game or created incredible multiverse events for huge brands like Dragon Ball, Marvel, and Rick and Morty

Fortnite is known for a lot of things but the most talked about aspect of the popular battle royale are the crossovers. Fortnite became the poster child for how to do video game crossovers, bringing some of the most popular TV, anime, and movie icons into its wacky world. Here are some of the most memorable Fortnite crossovers that ever happened.

7. Dragon Ball Super

After the success of the Naruto crossover, Fortnite decided to continue the anime craze by announcing a Dragon Ball Super collaboration. This was one of the most hyped crossovers in Fortnite history, with fans expressing their excitement all over social media leading up to the drop.

The Dragon Ball Super crossover included iconic anime characters but also a Kamehameha weapon that was available for the duration of Chapter 3 Season 3. This added an extra level of intensity to matches beyond just dancing and emoting as Son Goku and Vegeta.

6. Rick & Morty

This collaboration stuck with the gaming community for quite some time. Getting to play as Rick Sanchez if you unlocked him on the Season 7 battle pass was huge. Morty became available for a limited time later on in the Item Shop, completing the iconic duo.

There wasn’t much else to the collab, but to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the significance of the Rick & Morty crossover. The content was extremely subtle and without a solid grasp of Rick & Morty fan culture, most of the…

5. DC Comics

While this was one of the earlier crossovers, it has continued to stand out in the gaming community’s mind. Epic has continued to do DC Comics crossovers since due to its success. The first crossover set the standard for crossover events, however, with Tilted Towers transforming into Gotham City and the badass Batman skin.

4. Stranger Things


The gaming community was stunned when Fortnite announced a Stranger Things crossover back in 2019 during the third season of the popular Netflix show. It brought the world of Stranger Things into gaming almost seamlessly, with working portals opening up in the Mega Mall on the map and Chief Hopper and Demogorgon skins.

3. Street Fighter

Bringing Street Fighter into Fortnite was a mistake. I’m just kidding, but the thirst for Chun Li was real (and still is). This crossover has remained one of the favorites of all time thanks to the popularity of Street Fighter and the addition of Ryu and Chun-Li as available skins. Blanka and Sakura were added a year later.

2. Star Wars

If you ever ask Fortnite players their top crossovers, almost all will mention Star Wars in their top three. This was one of the largest collaborations in Fortnite history, especially since it emerges with new content every time a new Star Wars movie or TV show is released.

The ability to play a battle royale while running around with a lightsaber is enough to make this a favorite. It’s still a highly desired and discussed weapon due to its high damage output. And because it’s just awesome.

In one of the latest Star Wars events, players could complete Find the Force quests to unlock a free Clone Trooper skin. You could also learn how to use the Force throughout. This is along with all of the other classic Star Wars skins throughout the years, of course. So squad up with all your favorite Star Wars characters and start doing the griddy for whatever reason.

1. Marvel

Fortnite x Marvel crossover event

There’s no denying that Marvel has been the best Fortnite collaboration in the history of the battle royale. It all started in Chapter 1 with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, but there have been so many Marvel-themed events ever since.

Not only are there popular Marvel heroes and villains as playable characters, but there have been limited-time events and game modes connected to Marvel crossovers. The amount of new content players get whenever a Marvel crossover drops is overwhelming. Chapter 2 was probably the most memorable since the entire season was transformed into a Marvel game essentially, bringing an intense game mode and highly desirable cosmetics.

It has become so massive that Marvel is now part of Fortnite’s lore.