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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Will Take Us Back to the OG Days of Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 is coming at the beginning of November. With its drop so close, you best believe there have been tons of leaks and teasers leading up to the update. Here is what we know about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 so far.

Chapter 4 Season 5: Fortnite OG

Trusted leaker SamLeakss has been hyped about the upcoming season and has been tweeting all he knows as he finds out. If he is to be believed, the upcoming season will be as similar to Chapter 1 as possible, hence the code name “Fortnite OG.”

Fortnite OG battle pass

This is a similar leak that was shared by HYPEX earlier this month. The often-correct leaker said that a “broken time machine” in-game has led to the world going back in time. He said: “We'll cycle through [all of the Chapter 1] seasons for a month with constant map changes and OG weapons/loot pool, until the blackhole, and then we go into Chapter 5.”

Fortnite OG won’t be tied to any other chapter and is more meant to be a celebration of Fortnite’s origins. This includes the full map from Chapter 1 Season 5 and the return of OG sounds and models. The leaker said that old items from Chapter 1 will also return but some things will also be taken away.

Zero Build is said to be removed in Chapter 1 since “Chapter 1’s map was not designed for it,” although some leakers think it might stay. Mantling and tactical sprint will also be removed “to stay true to Chapter 1.” These important mobility features were not available back in the day, but at least everyone will be on the same playing field.

Fortnite changed its location to July 12, 2018, the day that Chapter 1 Season 5 was launched.

Chapter 4 Season 5 Skin Speculations

SamLeakss said in a recent tweet that a new battle pass would be part of the upcoming season. However, not much is known about how it will work.

The skins are also not confirmed or uncovered. SamsLeakss did share some predictions, however. These are based on the fact that Chapter 4 Season 5 will apparently have original character models and collaborations, although the collabs won’t be the focus this time around.

One of the possibly datamined skins features a mysterious guy with a bunch of clocks that are being nicknamed Future Self. There may also be some thief-related skins based on what was included in the recent survey to fans, including a raccoon with a trash can lid on his head.

When Is Chapter 4 Season 5 Coming?

Epic Games has not officially announced the date for Season 5. Leakers believe this will be the schedule:

  • Mark Rein tweet about Chapter 4 Season 5: October 26
  • Teaser for Chapter 4 Season 5: October 29 and 31st
  • Live event: December 3
  • Chapter 5 launch: December 4-5

Stay tuned for more information about Chapter 4 Season 5 as its revealed.