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One Piece Experience Coming to Fortnite Creative — How to Play

One Piece is coming to Fortnite Creative 2.0. Find out how to get the code and become King of the Pirates!

Enthusiast Gaming and Metavision have collaborated with Netflix to launch a One Piece experience in Fortnite Creative. This special event was created to celebrate the live-action One Piece show on Netflix, which has been getting rave reviews from anime fans.

Fortnite Creative uses a development toolbox called Unreal Editor for Fortnite that allows users to design and create experiences outside the game’s battle royale mode. This is the first time that a streaming service has used Fortnite Creative to create an interactive fan experience.

What is the One Piece Fortnite Creative Experience?

The One Piece experience has players dropping into a game as part of the Straw Hats or the Marines. Equipped with swords, flint-knock pistols, and cannons, players will become part of a crew that has to destroy the other ship to be announced the winner.

The experience will be featured on Enthusiast Gaming’s NFL Tuesday Night Gaming show on September 12. NFL players and content creators will team up to play the One Piece game in an intense head-to-head challenge, a press release said.

“This collaboration with Netflix is an exciting example of how Enthusiast Gaming is creating unique and immersive experiences for brands that are scalable across digital entertainment and gaming platforms,” said Amanda Rubin, EVP, Brand Solutions at Enthusiast Gaming. “NFL Tuesday Night Gaming continues to offer a distinct opportunity to engage diverse communities through shared passions of gaming, sports, and entertainment.”

Want to play the game for yourself? Enter this code in the Fortnite Discovery tab: 7374-8187-1871 or head here.

You can also watch the One Piece show on Netflix right now. Based on Eiichiro Oda’s extremely popular manga series, the show follows Monkey D. Luffy as he explores the waters looking for freedom and treasure. This includes the One Piece, a legendary treasure that will make him the King of the Pirates. To accomplish this, Luffy must bring along his crew to face the Marines and other rivals as they explore unknown waters and lands.