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All Competitors Need Fitness — Ahman Green

Ahman Green never planned to have such an active role in esports. The former NFL star now serves as Director of Esports and head coach at the University of Nebraska. As part of #WellPlayed and ESI x FITGMR’s Healthy Gamer Month, Green talks about his journey into esports and the critical role mental and physical health play in this industry.

We are beginning to see more frequently pro athletes joining the video game space, from current NFL players like JuJu Smith-Schuster to former legends like Ahman Green. 

Green, who is now the Director of Esports and Head Coach at the University of Nebraska, has played a major role in Nebraska Esports Club and promoting a healthy gaming lifestyle. He explains that "there's more than just the video game. There's career development, player development, and coach development."

Behind the scenes has more to do about how you can keep your mind and body healthy when you're gaming. Whether you're at the highest level or you're just your average gamer - keeping yourself healthy is the most important aspect of gaming.

Green went on to say about what someone should train to keep their body as healthy as it can be. When you're playing a video game, there's a lot your mind has to think about: 

"Working out, mental training and meditation need to be required in esports because it's competition. You're thinking about winning and if we lose. You're thinking of all these things that elevate your heart rate, make your breathing and your mind do different things"

What exactly can you do to help yourself be healthier as someone who plays video games? Green says this to help stay healthy during video games:

"You work out. You weight lift, body weight movements, stretch, and yoga. You learn how to control your breathing because when you're in [the game], learning how to control that breath will help you focus."

Coming from an NFL background, Green knows what it takes to play at the highest level, how to keep your body and your mind healthy, and how to develop players, not just through esports but through life as well. In a recent article with us, he said:

“Esports, in general, is just a competition, you know? It's just like traditional sports where you're competing against somebody else or a whole team, you know, your team versus another team.”

Keeping your mind and body healthy will help benefit you in the long term, no matter what you're doing in life.