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Arcane Season 2 — Top 10 Fan Theories

Arcane Season 2 is still a ways off but that hasn't stopped fans from wildy speculating and creating some interesting theories

Arcane Season 2 has been confirmed for late 2024. Yeah, that’s not close. Not at all. This has left League of Legends fans speculating what they think will happen after the immensely popular and exciting Season 1 came to an end. Here are the best fan theories as we await Season 2.

10. We Will Find Out More About Vander and Silco’s Rivalry

Arcane definitely gave us a lot of insight into Jinx and Vi, but there was also a brotherly feud going on between Vander and Silco. It has been kept a bit of a mystery, leaving us wondering why Vander betrayed Silco and the possible violence behind it. Did Vander try to kill Silco?

9. Blitzcrank Will Make an Appearance

Blitzcrank piltover skin

Blitzcrank has been in League of Legends since the beginning and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see this iconic champion make an appearance in Arcane Season 2. Viktor has already been in Arcane. The reason Blitzcrank is not a total shoe-in is that Professor Stanwick is dead in Arcane but he fits into the story so well that it’s still possible.

8. There Will Be a Closer Look at Singed

Singed is the mysterious and sinister scientist that created Shimmer, the power-enhancing drug that has taken over in Arcane. We get a quick look at Singed’s past, revealing a possible personal goal. It also revealed a daughter, who could play a part in this goal. Is he hoping to bring his daughter back from the dead?

7. Piltover Will Get Invaded By Ambessa

Piltover is going through a lot of internal changes due to a clash with its undercity and the word started to spread in Season 1. With Piltover looking weak, Ambessa may invade and take the Hextech technology.

6. Viktor May Save Jayce

Jayce looks into camera in Arcane

So you probably recall that a rocket was launched right at the council at the end of Season 1. But it’s very likely that Jayce Talis will be saved since he has potential to lead the city. Since we don’t know where Viktor was at the time, it’s possible he was there and able to protect Jayce with his metal form.

5. The Undercity Will Be at War

Piltover was blocked from what they wanted to do when Jinx took control. It’s clear that Piltover is not going to let the undercity get away with this chaos. That’s for sure.

4. Camille Could Show Up

Piltover skyline in Arcane

We don’t exactly know what will happen with the rocket careening toward the council but it’s obvious that hextech will be used against Zaun in response. This means that the noble families will probably start creating their own security forces. This could lead to Camille, the Principal Intelligencer of Clan Ferros. Seeing Camille face Caitlyn and the Enforcers would surely be intense in Season 2.

3. Jinx May Not Survive Past Season 2

After Jinx attempted to kill the entire council, it seems highly unlikely that it will go without anything bad happening. It’s even likely that Jinx will be killed. This would be an emotional turn that would make Season 2 quite intense.

2. Vander Could Become Warwick

A big fan theory is that Vander will be transformed into Warwick. It didn’t happen in Season 1 as previously speculated but there are still a lot of hints about this possible occurrence. Vander is often referred to with canine phrases like Silco calling him a “lap dog.” Near the end of the show, we also see Singed doing an experiment on Vander’s corpse. All of it just lines up with Warwick’s lore.

1. Ekko Will Get a Bigger Role

Ekko smile in Arcane

Ekko was not a main character for most of Season 1 but then it was revealed he was the Firelights leader. It’s possible that Ekko will lead both Piltover and the undercity since he seems to be the least biased. Ekko isn’t perfect but he seems very open to working with others, making it pretty likely.