Are Dantes and Laura Back Together?

A recent update has many wondering if Dantes and Laura are duos again.

The League of Legends community all but imploded on itself when popular streamer Dantes "Doaenel" dumped Laura "Laurinchhhe." It started a massive discussion about choosing gaming over a partner as well as losing a good person over selfish decisions. Now, it seems like the two streamers may be back together.

There was a lot of drama surrounding Dantes' breakup with Laura. It started off with people accusing Dantes of "fumbling" a good girlfriend over immature behavior and video games. This turned even more sensitive and dramatic when other streamers got involved, revealing problematic behavior during the relationship that further showed Dantes never prioritizing Laura even during serious matters.

Despite the drama, Laura appeared to still be in love with Dantes and expressed wanting to be with him still. But Dantes was simultaneously sticking up for his decision as people attacked him for his wrongdoings and questionable actions.

Now, however, it looks like the two may be back together.

Dantes and Laura Heading to DoKomi Together

On June 27, Dantes announced that the two streamers had decided to go to DoKomi this weekend despite their dramatic separation.

According to Dantes, this decision was based on fans expressing excitement over seeing them make an appearance at the event. They felt it was not right to "just cancel the plans" since they both were excited about it the past few weeks.

Does this mean the two are back together? Not quite.

"Since I know a lot of you will be wondering, while we aren't officially back together; we are still committed to one another and are hoping for things to become better than they ever were as I get the professional help that I need," Dantes explained.

In response, the gaming community questioned if they had been jebaited. Many accused Dantes and Laura of breaking up to create drama and get attention. Maybe the breakup wasn't real after all and was just to stir up some controversy.

"Nothing was ever a ploy for attention. When we broke up and I made the announcement, I was 100% intent on going through with it," Dantes wrote. "It was only after laying down later that night, and asking myself if I really wanted to have a life without her, who's always been my biggest supporter, that I came to realize that I just have a lot of unresolved mental issues that lead me down self destructive paths."

Dantes continued that he wants to be a "better man" for himself and her so that they can be more than they were before and previously could be. Fans applauded Dantes for getting therapy, admitting his wrongdoings, and for not fumbling a good girlfriend after all.

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