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Just when you want to count out Counter Logic Gaming, they hit you with performances of a lifetime in a dominant outing against LCS frontrunners, Cloud9.

Heading into this series, both Cloud9 and CLG had a lot riding on this game. For Cloud9, the first-place seed was all in their control. After a dominant stretch of games with new midlane talent Jang "EMENES" Min-soo, the expectation was set for Cloud9 to enter playoffs as the top team in the LCS 2023 Spring Split. However, something that both Cloud9 and their fans were not prepared for today was the power of CLG Faith, as the scrappy dark horses stunned the community.

Immediately, we saw CLG jump to an early gold lead because of CLG jungler Juan Arturo "Contractz" Garcia's immaculate play on Sejuani. Throughout the early phases of the game, Contractz was tracking Cloud9 jungler Robert "Blaber" Huang with precision. This allowed all three of CLG's lanes to play freely as they continued to snowball their own individual leads.

By the 20-minute mark, Cloud9 fans in the LCS studio were shocked as the CLG Faithful filled the LCS theater with cheers for the team. Shortly after, CLG put the closing marks on a dominant finish to the LCS 2023 Spring Split as they now march their way to the LCS 2023 Spring Split playoffs. 

With this victory, CLG now stands at a 10-8 record with a possibility to play tiebreakers for a chance at third place in the LCS 2023 Spring Split. As for Cloud9, they are now set to play a tiebreaker with FlyQuest for the first-place position in the LCS 2023 Spring Split regular season.

How to watch LCS 2023 Spring

Viewers will be able to tune into the LCS 2023 Spring Split through the LCS Twitch and YouTube channels. As the final day of the LCS 2023 Spring Split concludes, the top six teams will move into the LCS 2023 Spring Split playoffs as teams battle to represent North America at MSI 2023.