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Dash on his return to the LCS stage in 2023

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Topics discussed with Dash at LCS 2023 Spring Finals

  • Dash returns to the LCS broadcast stage during the LCS 2023 Spring Finals
  • How is Dash adapting to major changes in his life?
  • How is Dash learning VALORANT after his years with the LCS?
  • Dash's message to the LCS fans

For many years, LCS viewers were greeted at the start of each and every LCS day by James “Dash" Patterson. However, this year was different. Going into 2023, it was revealed that Dash would not be returning to the LCS broadcast this time around. For many months, Dash had taken on a different role in Riot Games, including a switch to the VCT 2023: Americas League.

But this past weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina, was a special moment for Dash. After many months away from the usual routines of the LCS broadcast, it was announced that Dash would be returning to the LCS broadcast for the LCS 2023 Spring Split Finals weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina.

There, he was met with a roar of cheers that filled the entire arena. As various chants and cheers surrounded Dash, there was only one thought on his mind.

He was home.

In this interview, we spoke to James “Dash” Patterson about going through a change in 2023, how hosting in VALORANT has helped him discover new things he needed to improve on, and his message to the LCS fans in his return home.

With the LCS 2023 Spring Split over, LCS fans will now look toward the Midseason Invitational, where North America will be represented by Golden Guardians and Cloud9 on the international stage. The Midseason Invitational will take place from May 2-21, as both North American representatives look to become the first NA team to win the event.