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The Soul Fighter event is taking over all of Riot’s games this summer and the League of Legends community is getting hype over the skins.

Soul Fighter is a six-week event that is taking over the world of Runeterra from July 20 to August 28, bringing new game modes, skins, champions, and other cosmetics to League of legends, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, or Legends of Runeterra.

Soul Fighter has taken inspiration from the fighting game genre and its “unique character moments” and story arcs. Beloved champions are now part of a vibrant world where they must fight on the “world’s biggest stage,” known as the Tournament of Souls, until there is only one of them left standing.

Here are some of the most exciting skins coming to Soul Fighter.

Soul Fighter League of Legends Skins, Ranked

5. Soul Fighter Samira

Soul Fighter Samira skin

This Ultimate skin has been labeled a “disappointment” by the League of Legends player base. The skin gives Samira a pretty bold look with its vibrant colors, and fans love how it gets more flashy as you rank up. But most have expressed that Soul Fighter Samira seems more like a good Legendary skin due to a lack of form change. This is probably not going to be a must-have when the event drops.

4. Soul Fighter Lux

Soul Fighter Lux skin

The League of Legends community has expressed some frustration with Lux getting so many skins. This is bound to happen since she has a high pick rate, but it has definitely left some fans fatigued. The skin itself is also a bit underwhelming and some feel it doesn’t match with the fighting game theme.

3. Soul Fighter Pyke

Soul Fighter

This Prestige skin has Pyke looking straight out of a fighting game with his masked face and extremely bold shoulder armor. This is balanced out by the Bloodharbor Ripper’s tight leather pants and fashionable belt. It’s a good look for the usually ultra-serious and ultra-spooky champion.

2. Soul Fighter Sett

Soul Fighter Sett

You may be sick of Sett getting skins but this one is perfect for him. Sett looks like he was ripped right out of Street Fighter with his baggy blue pants and open, strappy vest — all in blue. The skin art has him doing an intense uppercut, which sets the scene even more. Soul Fighter Sett is arcade ready.

1. Soul Fighter Naafiri

Soul Fighter Naafiri skin

League of Legends players are loving this new skin for Naafiri. The champion is turned purple and given neon yellow-green accents, leaving fans feeling a bit spooked. The ghoulish skin seems to be a bit Halloween-like in its inspiration.