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7 Best Item Cards in Disney Lorcana

Items can level up your Disney Lorcana deck, but knowing which items to include is critical. These are the best items in Disney Lorcana The First Chapter

Disney Lorcana players are starting to build strong decks and discover powerful strategies. As the meta starts to form, here are the best item cards to add to your deck.

How Item Cards Work in Disney Lorcana

In Disney Lorcana, item cards all have a certain amount of ink it takes to be able to play them. Once you have enough ink and play an item card, it’s placed in front of you on the board. Items remain there permanently, either allowing you to use their ability once per turn or discard to activate their ability depending on the rules written on the item. Some item cards take ink to play each turn while others can be used for free.

Best Item Cards in Disney Lorcana

The item cards you use in your deck truly depend on the character cards you have and your overall strategy. Even the “best” item card may not synergize with the other cards in your deck. But you’ll notice that there are some item cards being utilized more than others since they are quite powerful in the current meta, which is focused on getting lore as fast as possible.


Lantern card Disney Lorcana

Lantern is great for decks that want to aggressively get as many characters onto their board as possible. This item card allows you to pay one less ink for the next character you play that turn. 

If you have enough ink in your inkwell, Lantern can help you play multiple characters, steamrolling your opponent in the early game.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror card Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana’s current collection of cards does not offer a lot of draw power. This is not a card game where you can dig through your deck for certain cards or get through your deck quickly. 

For three ink, Magic Mirror allows you to draw a card. This can really help when your hand is getting low in cards.

Ursula’s Cauldron

Ursula's Cauldron card Disney Lorcana

Similar to Magic Mirror, this item is great for pulling cards that will help you move the game forward. Look at the top two cards on your deck, then pick one to place on top of your deck and one on the bottom. 

This helps you essentially remove useless cards and get to the cards you need faster.

White Rabbit’s Pocket Watch

White Rabbit's Pocket Watch card Disney Lorcana

For one ink, you can choose a character to gain rush that turn. This means that even if they were placed down that turn, you’ll now be able to challenge your opponent’s characters with them.

 This can help you slow down your opponent’s ability to bank lore.

Shield of Virtue

Shield of Virtue card Disney Lorcana

Similar to Pocket Watch, Shield of Virtue allows you to choose a character to “ready,” meaning they are allowed to be activated. Shield of Virtue costs three ink instead of one, however, because it essentially allows you to use a character twice. 

After questing, characters are exerted and unable to be used again that turn. But with Shield of Virtue, characters are ready to be used again, although it can only be used to challenge another character, not quest again.

Fishbone Quill

Fishbone Quill card Disney Lorcana

This card is great for getting more cards in your inkwell. Fishbone Quill allows you to put any card from your hand into the inkwell face down. This is on top of the one card you can put into the inkwell every turn, meaning two guaranteed cards in the inkwell each turn. 

Fishbone Quill even allows you to put cards into the inkwell that don’t have the ink symbol around their cost, helping you get them out of your hand and making your deck more versatile.

Beast’s Mirror

Beast's Mirror card Disney Lorcana

For three ink, Beast’s Mirror allows you to draw a card from your deck if you have no cards in your hand. This can come in clutch when you’re running low on resources and want to make sure that you aren’t left sitting without any plays. 

It can make all the difference in a card game with very little drawing power.