Disney Shuts Down Pixelborn Connect Before It Even Comes Out

Disney Lorcana players are wondering how they can play online now.

Okay, so Pixelborn Connect isn't happening after all.

The competitive Disney Lorcana community was disappointed when Pixelborn was shut down. The fan-made app for playing Lorcana decks against one another was the only way to really practice online before tournaments at the time, leaving Lorcana players quite devastated at Disney's demands.

With Pixelborn gone, competitive TCG players started to scramble for new ways to play online consistently. That's when Pavel Kolev announced Pixelborn Connect, a web platform for ranked play that would have matchmaking and more — but have users compete over webcam instead of uploading card art, which seemed to be the issue with Pixelborn.

Unfortunately, it looks like Pixelborn Connect isn't okay with Disney either.

What Happened to Pixelborn Connect?

On June 13, developer and self-professed "card fanatic" Kolev tweeted that Pixelborn Connect will never happen after much excitement over the initial announcement.

"I was contacted by Disney representatives and advised not to proceed with the project and make it public," he admitted. "At this point, it is safer to assume that I should not attempt to do anything related to Lorcana."

Kolev was clearly in fear of Disney suing him for copyright infringement and whatever else they'd get him for. Much like Nintendo, Disney is not one to mess with.

Bucky Disney Lorcana TCG

The community responded with sadness over the shut down. Some said they were even "heartbroken" at the news, hoping that Ravensburger and Disney have some plan to make their own server at this rate. If not, some wondered why Disney was limiting the access to playing Disney Lorcana.

"Another punch to the community," added another player.

"How is Pixelborn Connect different than a private company hosting a Lorcana tournament? You aren’t stealing copyright images as we’re using our cards and just broadcasting gameplay…" another questioned.

For now, this spells the end of any community-made program for playing Disney Lorcana online. Ravensburger also hasn't made any announcements that they plan to offer a client for playing their card game online, leaving fans quite distraught without a solid way to practice.

Olivia Richman


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