Disney Demands that Pixelborn Shut Down as Lorcana Grows

The Pixelborn community is not happy.

Disney Lorcana is the newest trading card game and its competitive side has continued to grow. As Disney and Ravensburger have continued to expand on the event circuit, it seems that they've gone after a fan-made online program that allowed for fans to practice with one another. It's now the end of Pixelborn.

Earlier today, one of the founders of Pixelborn announced that it was being shut down for good after they were contacted by a Disney representative. According to the Discord statement, Disney told them: "Disney has intellectual property rights in the Disney Lorcana cards and that Disney has requested Pixelborn to respect these rights by not copying the cards in any way suggesting an affiliation with Disney."

It was followed with a demand that Pixelborn be shut down before June 16, 2024.

Why Is Pixelborn Being Shut Down?

At the time of writing and during Disney Lorcana's infancy, the game had no way to play online the way that other card games could. Without a way to practice, Lorcana players created Pixelborn. This was a program that allowed players to copy card art into a game that would let them make and play with decks.

The creator of Pixelborn, known on Discord as Pavel, claimed that if Disney ever demanded they shut down that they would listen. Unfortunately the time has come.

"My heart is shattered to pieces," they wrote. "I've put everything into this project for the past year and a half. Every night, weekend, and holiday. I know it meant a lot for many people as the only way to experience the game we all love."

It's currently unknown if Ravensburger will come up with their own online system for practicing Disney Lorcana. Meanwhile, Pixelborn creators stated that Ravensburger is the "best compnay" and have appreciated their overall support of the game.

"The past weekend proves that Lorcana has a bright future," they wrote.

Olivia Richman


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