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Exclusive Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Reveal: Blue Fairy Rewarding Good Deeds

Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn is coming soon and more and more cards keep getting revealed. Here is the latest one, exclusively announced by Esports Illustrated.

Local card shops are getting Rise of the Floodborn product on November 17 followed by a worldwide release to larger retailers in December. This set is bringing 200 new cards to the trading card game, including new mechanics and gameplay strategies — and characters from a wide range of Disney movies.

As we come closer to the release, a huge handful of cards have been officially released and leaked. Others have been hinted at. Now, we have an interesting new card that will create an interesting new playstyle.

Blue Fairy — Rewarding Good Deeds

The Blue Fairy is a whimsical character from Pinnochio, the one who originally brought the wooden boy to life. She appears to also be quite important in Disney Lorcana as well.

Blue Fairy card reveal

Blue Fairy comes with the ability Ethereal Glow. This allows you to draw a card whenever you play a Floodborn character. On top of that, Blue Fairy has Evasive, making it easier for her to stay alive despite her low willpower so she can continue carrying out her powers in peace as you play.

Is This Card Good?

Yes, definitely.

The meta and playstyle of Disney Lorcana is continuing to evolve as competitions grow and cards are revealed from the new set. But one thing is for sure — floodborn cards will play a big part.

Blue Fairy Rewarding Good Deeds from Rise of the Floodborn

Floodborn is a character subtype that features popular Disney heroes and villains that wildly deviate from their storyline in the films. For example, Hades — King of Olympus. Tons of new floodborn cards are coming in Set 2, meaning that Blue Fairy will give you incredible draw power since you’ll be playing floodborn characters quite often.

Blue Fairy Decks in Disney Lorcana

Only time will tell what decks will benefit the most from Blue Fairy but there are some interesting floodborn cards that will pair well with this newly revealed card.

Jimminy Cricket — Pinnochio's Conscious has the ability to draw a card when you play this card while having a Pinocchio card in play. This drawing power would pair well with Blue Fairy, creating a very consistent deck that constantly allows you to get all the cards you need a lot more efficiently than most decks.

Simba — Future King, Maurice — World Famous Inventor, Robin Hood — Unrivaled Archer, Develop Your Brain, Mad Hatter — Gracious Host, Friends On the Other Side, and Stitch — Rock Star are other draw-focused cards that would pair well with Blue Fairy.

But remember, you will want to play as many floodborn characters as possible to use Blue Fairy’s ability. Here are some of the best cards from Rise of the Floodborn to play with Blue Fairy:

  • Kuzco — Wanted Llama - This is a fellow Amethyst card that allows you to draw a card when it’s banished
  • Mufasa — Betrayed Leader - When this card is banished, you may look at the top card of your deck. If it’s a character card, play it for free. If not, put the card back on the top of your deck. You can then draw it with Blue Fairy once you play a Floodborn card
  • Mulan — Reflecting - This floodborn card will let you draw a card with Blue Fairy. On top of that, Honor to the Ancestors lets you look at the top card of your deck and play it if it’s a Song. Otherwise, it stays on top of your deck to draw later
  • Rapunzel — Gifted Artist - This is another floodborn that will have synergy with Blue Fairy. Let Your Power Shine allows you to draw a card if you remove one damage from another character
  • Belle — Hidden Archer - This is a floodborn card so you’ll draw a card with Blue Fairy. Meantime, this card will make your opponent discard their entire hand if it’s challenged, ensuring you have all the cards you need while they don’t have any
  • Donald Duck — Perfect Gentleman - When this card is in play, you (and your opponent) may draw a card at the start of your turn
  • Basil — Great Mouse Detective - If you used shift to play this floodborn character, you can draw two cards when he enters play
  • Gaston — Intellectual Powerhouse - This is a great card to play with Blue Fairy since you can look at the three top cards of your deck, choose one, and put the other two back in any order
  • Nothing to Hide - Each opponent reveals their hand and you may draw a card. This gives you insight into your opponent’s hand while also continuing to grow your own
  • Jafar — Dreadnought - This powerful floodborn character lets you draw a card whenever Jafar banishes an enemy character during your turn