Braum Joins 2XKO Roster

The sixth character in Riot Games upcoming tag fighter 2XKO has been revealed. The shield-wielding protector of poros, Braum, has officially been added to the roster.

Much like his League of Legends version, Braum is a support character that will take advantage of the game's 2v2 system. According to a Playstation blog that first revealed the character, Braum will leverage his massive shield to protect his partner from damage and interrupt opponents.

He will also use poros, the fluffy, adorable mascot creature of the League of Legends universe, in some way for both disruption and damage.

Braum will be playable in the upcoming Alpha Playtest and at Evo 2024. A deep dive into Braum's moveset will drop on July 10 on the 2XKO YouTube channel.

Who is Braum in League of Legends?

Braum is a support champion from the Freljord. He is played almost exclusively as a bottom lane support due to his kit centering around protecting allies. Being a protector is sort of Braum's whole thing. In LoL, this translates into a massive shield that can block incoming projectiles, an attack that turns into a stun if allies damage the target, and a dash that sends Braum flying in front of an ally.

poro concept art for 2xko

Braum is also the character most closely associated with the poros. The tiny toungue-out creatures have become a beloved mascot for League of Legends, and like Braum they hail from the frozen wastes of the Freljord. Whenever Braum is around, poros can't be too far behind.

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