Disney Lorcana Set 5 Drops in August

Shimmering Skies will feature Wreck It Ralph and other new characters.

The fifth Disney Lorcana set has been announced with a set release date. Here is what we know about Shimmering Skies so far.

On June 12, Ravensburger officially announced Disney Lorcana's fifth expansion, Shimmering Skies. This set will have new characters and mechanics that will shake up the Lorcana meta and excite collectors once again.

When Is Shimmering Skies Releasing?

Shimmering Skies will be coming in waves like previous expansions. It will be first released to local game stores and Disney locations on August 9, 2024. By August 23, 2024, the set will be at all major retailers and on Disney Store online.

Shimmering Skies will include the usual products upon release, including booster packs, two start er decks, and new accessories like a playmat featuring Mirabel from Encanto along with deck boxes and sleeves featuring Tiana and Aladdin.

When Shimmering Skies is released, there will also be a limited edition foil card featuring alternative artwork exclusive to the new set. These will be available in copies of Disney Villanous: Introduction to Evil, a board game expansion that will release August 1, 2024. You can find this wherever board games are sold, including Target, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobles.

New Cards in Shimmering Skies

Disney Lorcana Penellope card

Ravensburger didn't reveal every new card that will be in Shimmering Skies just yet. But they did announce that Wreck-It Ralph will be heavily featured. This will bring cards inspired by Panelope Von Schweetz and Fix-It Felix Jr.

New card art and new mechanics were also mentioned in the official press release. The mechanics will be revealed closer to the set's release in August.

Lore-wise, Shimmering Skies follows the defeat of the "power-hungry Ursula glimmer." In Shimmering Skies, the realm of Lorcana is holding a great festival to celebrate her defeat after the previous set. During these fun activities, however, a mystery begins and Illumineers have to find a way to repair worsening damage caused by the Ursula glimmer.

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