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Budokai is Back! Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Gameplay Reveal

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero just got a new gameplay showcase that's given us a closer look at the anime-inspired action fans have been waiting for.

A gameplay presentation has given us a closer look at the action in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero. 

Bandai Namco's latest 3D fighter is inspired by the iconic anime series Dragon Ball. With a huge roster of popular characters and stages that transform when you let out powerful attacks, Dragon Ball Sparking Zero has been exciting the FGC since it was announced. Now, we've been given 13 minutes of gameplay and information about the upcoming fighting game. 

New Features in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero

Sparking Zero has a very familiar look if you have ever played other Budokai Tenkaichi games. It features a behind-the-back third-person camera system to give you a front row seat as anime heroes and villains relentlessly release massive attacks on one another on dynamic stages. 

According to Producer Jun Furutani, Sparking Zero is a "genuine sequel and evolution of the series," however. It will have a lot of the same "essence" from previous titles but there are a lot of new features to shake up the fighting gameplay. 

Four new mechanics were shown off in the trailer. This includes:

  • Skill Count - A number rises as you attack and then is spent to release special abilities
  • Revenge Counter - When absorbing damage, retaliate with a big attack 
  • Super Perception - Deflect an attack at last moment, using some Skill Count points
  • Vanishing Assault - Pressure opponents by teleporting to close the gap between you

Characters in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero

The gameplay trailer also revealed 11 new fighters that will join the massive roster. Here are the new characters that were revealed in the trailer: 

  • Broly (Super Saiyan Full Power)
  • Burter
  • Dyspo
  • Hit
  • Jeice
  • Kakunsa
  • Kale (Super Saiyan Berserk)
  • Master Roshi (Max Power)
  • Nappa
  • Super Trunks
  • Toppo
Dragon Ball Sparking Zero gameplay showcase

There are now a total of 35 characters on the roster but fans should expect even more. Here is the full list: 

  1. Goku (Z - Early)
  2. Goku (Z - Mid)
  3. Goku (Z - Mid), Super Saiyan
  4. Goku (Z - End)
  5. Goku (Z - End), Super Saiyan
  6. Goku (Z - End), Super Saiyan 2
  7. Goku (Z - End), Super Saiyan 3
  8. Goku (Super)
  9. Goku (Z - Mid), Super Saiyan
  10. Goku (Super), Super Saiyan God
  11. Goku (Super), Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan
  12. Vegeta (Z - Scouter)
  13. Great Ape Vegeta
  14. Vegeta (Z - Early)
  15. Vegeta (Z - Early), Super Saiyan
  16. Super Vegeta
  17. Vegeta (Z - End)
  18. Vegeta (Z - End), Super Saiyan
  19. Vegeta (Z - End), Super Saiyan 2
  20. Majin Vegeta
  21. Vegeta (Super)
  22. Vegeta (Super), Super Saiyan
  23. Vegeta (Super), Super Saiyan God
  24. Vegeta (Super), Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan
  25. Broly (Super Saiyan Full Power)
  26. Burter
  27. Dyspo
  28. Hit
  29. Jeice
  30. Kakunsa
  31. Kale (Super Saiyan Berserk)
  32. Master Roshi (Max Power)
  33. Nappa
  34. Super Trunks
  35. Toppo

When Is Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Coming Out?

Unfortunately, the gameplay showcase didn't reveal a release date. It's still unclear when Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will come out. When it does, expect it to be on PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X|S.