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When Is Ed Coming To Street Fighter 6?

The psycho-powered pugilist's arrival is just around the corner.

Street Fighter 6's newest fighter, Ed, was teased last month in a video that showed what will more than likely be his introduction in World Tour. But it wasn't until a post from the official Street Fighter account that we finally got a release date for the boxer. Ed is coming to SF6 on February 27th.

Who is Ed?

To understand more about this enigmatic character we have to go back to Street Fighter V. Ed was introduced back then in SFV's arcade mode as a youth that fellow boxer, Balrog was looking after. It was later revealed in the expanded story of that game that Ed was actually (yet another) clone of M. Bison. Within months Ed was aged up (because clones age faster) and released as a full-fledged character in May of 2017 during SFV's season 2.

Ed, along with Falke, are founding members of Neo-Shadaloo an organization that's bent on locating and rehabilitating victims of M. Bison's experiments. However, it seems in Street Fighter 6 that their aims might be more nefarious than before. There are allusions in World Tour that may suggest that they are the organization behind psycho power experiments themselves. 

What's Ed's Playstyle?

When it comes to playing as Ed, he's arguably one of the most unique characters ever in Street Fighter. In many ways, Ed was the beta version of SF6's "Modern" control scheme. Instead of quarter-circle motions or charge inputs, Ed only had to press two punches or two kicks to trigger a special move. Only his "Psycho Spark" move needed a directional input (forward+MP) and Psycho Knuckle only required that you hold heavy punch. This made Ed, by far, the easiest character to pick up and play in Street Fighter 6.  

While veterans of the series scoffed at Ed's design, younger players and pros gave the character a shot. This became evident at last year's Capcom Cup where the youngest player to ever qualify for for the tournament, the UK's Endingwalker, made the top 8 with Ed before being knocked out by iDom. 

What Can We Expect Before Ed's Release?

In the same post that revealed Ed's release date, we learned of a new Fighting Pass that'll serve as a prelude to his arrival. In the pass you'll see several boxing themed items that you can unlock for your avatar. In addition to that, you can also nab a special chest item that's a combination of Ed's story costume hoodie and his school uniform costume. Both of which were fan-favorite skins for the character.

It's all about boxing with this pass teasing Ed's release.

It's all about boxing with this pass teasing Ed's release.

Lastly, you can also unlock three music tracks that all allude to Ed's journey in SFV. Along with his old theme, you can also unlock Falke's theme and his mentor, Balrog's, theme as well.