How to Watch the Eternal Return Creator's Clash Tournament

The Eternal Return Creator's Clash event is coming this weekend, featuring Doublelift.

Eternal Return is taking over the weekend with an intense and exciting Creator's Clash tournament.

An interesting blend of survival game and MOBA, Eternal Return is a fun twist on the genre that is gaining traction with competitive players. This includes some iconic MOBA veterans, who will be taking on the challenge in a Creator's Clash tournament and other fun contests in a few days.

Eternal Return Creator's Clash Tournament Schedule

The Creator's Clash will kick off on Saturday, June 8 at 7 PM PST, starting with two exhibition matches. This will be followed by three additional matches with seven teams competing over five rounds, all on the North American server.

Before this, there was a lead-up to the main event that featured popular esports creators like Doublelift, a former pro League of Legends player, and IKeepItTaco and Bustin. Mythic's Talent Manager commended the creators for putting on a "fantastic, high-level gameplay show" ahead of the tournament.

According to a press release from the Creator's Clash, the pros were unfamiliar with Eternal Return at the time but used their League of Legends prowess to make wild plays. And when they did make mistakes, they were able to laugh about it and then learn new tactics. Their control and teamwork combined made the performance very "exceptional" to watch. Check out their training sessions here.

Where to Watch the Eternal Return Creator's Clash

The tournament will be streamed on the official Eternal Return channel but also the three guest streamers.

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