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FaZe Clan is turning heads and dropping jaws in the only way that matters to all gamers, regardless of which side of the controller or mouse and keyboard debate you fall on. That's right, we're talking about skins, glamour, and style. FaZe Clan partnered up with Nike to bring us the latest in the Nike LeBron 20 with the LeBron NXXT.

Inspired by FaZe Clan's iconic red and black team colors, the main look is the black webbing on grey, which helps to make the red stitching outline on the big swoosh stand out. Yes, the big one, because these sneakers sport a second one. The white sole with the red tip and heel bring the design together. And you certainly can't forget the FaZe Clan 'F' on the tongue.

This collaboration should come as no surprise as it seems like a match made in a heaven. Back in 2020, Bronny James was the first high school athlete to join FaZe Clan.

The collection includes the LeBron NXXT (which are going for $160) as shown in FaZe's Clan tweet, along with a fleece hoodie, matching fleece pants, a t-shirt and a fleece crew. It's always cool to see major esports and gaming brands partnering up for crossover collections like this, and hopefully, we'll see more of these kinds of collaborations across esports. 

We shouldn't expect this to be the first and last of it's kind. According to JVY, FaZe Clan's Creative Director, this is only the beginning.

"Our hope is that our first collaboration with Nike solidifies gamers belonging in the same realm of professional athletes. The design of this shoe is inspired by the analogy that just like motherboards buried underneath the shell of technology, all great talent comes from beneath, and we all use different internal functions to power us as athletes and gamers." JVY, FaZe Clan's Creative Director