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MultiVersus Returning Soon, Official Sources Hint

Were you missing your Bugs Bunny versus Batman beatdowns? Well, it now looks like MultiVersus is coming back sooner than expected.

Fighting game fans believe that MultiVersus is coming back very, very soon. 

MultiVersus, a platform fighter that has an eclectic assortment of Warner Bros. characters, had its open beta closed back in the summer of 2023. Since then, the FGC has been trying to figure out when the game will be making its return. Now, it looks like there's a lot of promising official hints at a release right around the corner. 

When is MultiVersus Coming Back?

For the past few months, platform fighter fanatics have been taking deep dives in an attempt to figure out when MultiVersus was making its return. Many have speculated that it's coming March or April at the latest. 

Now, it seems like it may be returning sooner rather than later. Sharp-eyed gamers first spotted MultiVersus in the Epic Games Store a few days ago despite no official announcement. It's a bit difficult to find it, leading some to be a bit skeptical but overall it seems quite promising. 

But then, the official MultiVersus Twitter account decided to post for the first time in a long time. On March 5, it simply said: "Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3," which seems like it's hinting at a very likely return. 

After around nine months of silence, this had the fighting game community hype. To make it even more dramatic, the original tweet was quoted by a Warner Bros. community manager, adding a very mysterious video that appeared to show a man taking out a MultiVersus varsity jacket. The guy then looks at his controller, hinting that the game may be returning soon, allowing platform fighter fans to start playing again. 

The excitement was hard to contain, with many cheering and screaming in the replies. 

For now, there's still no official release date but it seems like we're getting very, very close to MultiVersus' comeback.