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Omega Strikers features short three-on-three matches that have players duking it out to score more goals than the other team. Up until a few months ago, Omega Strikers was adding new characters to join the fray. So what happened?

Odyssey developers Lunchboy and Maple went to social media with some very sad news for fans of Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers title art

They first talked about how Odyssey Studios has grown over the years despite starting in Maple’s basement. They always wanted to create a game that had a competitive focus that brought friends together, encouraged growing skills, and “are worthy of your time.”

Omega Strikers was supposed to be that game. The two passionate developers went through the different stages of creating the game up until now. But then, it was time for the heavier news.

Said Maple: “As a studio of 40, it’s just tough. We want to keep making it work but we need to make sure we can keep the lights on. It pains us to say, but Omega Strikers makes less than it costs to build and maintain it.”

Omega Strikers had a peak player count of a little over 19,000. It currently has an average of 1,500 or so. This unfortunately isn’t enough to keep the game going, according to developers. A huge influx of players would have to join in order to make Omega Strikers worth it.

What is Happening to Omega Strikers?

For fans of the Rocket League-League of Legends hybrid, it’s not good news. But it could be worse.

Odyssey developers are going to be pivoting to new games in the Strikers universe. While this sounds exciting, this unfortunately means that Omega Strikers is losing support from the team. After the next update, there will be no new content updates.

Omega Strikers servers will remain and matchmaking will be live. There will be balance updates for the foreseeable future but no new content is coming.

“This tears me up,” said Lunchboy. “And the whole Odyssey team. It’s not something we ever wanted to say. It’s not something you wanted to hear. We love this game. We love this character. Most of all, we love this community.”

While the ending of Omega Strikers is bittersweet, Odyssey has a “bright future.” They will be taking all they learned from the game to create “even more amazing games.” They are all in early stages at the moment so there’s not a lot to reveal, but early testing will be happening quite often.

“The existing community will be first to see the characters they know and love in a new game,” developers said.